subwoofer cable recommendations.

About five months ago i purchased a Hammer Lite subwoofer directly from GMA, and since have tried several cables including Monster cable, Cardas Quadlink, and Audio Magic Excalibur ll without success, either too lean or to booming of a sound, I have read about a couple cables that might be right for my system, one is synergistic research the other Audioquest SUB 3, if you can think of others i would appreciate it .
I have used Audioquest Sub-X with great success. It is fairly inexpensive and it made my subwoofer sound right, not lean or boomy. I addition, it silenced an awful hum that was being produced in my subwoofer from the analogue cable connection it replaced.
I am using the new Tek Line microRefernece ($349) on my SVS powered sub. Great bass!
I am using Signal Cable for my REL. They made up a Speakon cable which is much better than the stock cable and was cheaper. This is a high level cable but their line level cables look good also.
A sub cable should offer "some" refinement of the sound. If you are getting "too lean" or "too boomy" you have sub placement issues, not a cable issues (assuming that you are using at least a decent cable).
Watch the auctions for the Black Mountain Pinnacle Gold.These offer great performance in the bass,but are sub-par in the hi-frequencies.
How long a cable do you need?
Has anyone herd any of the Synergistic Research subwoofer cables? they're costly but if they make my sub sing well if any audiogoners out there can give their opinion i will really appreciate it.
I'm using Ultralink and couldn't hear any difference from Kimber's product. A lot cheaper. It has all the point nines and is really smooth and fast.

Morgoth360... I recently purchased a Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling Active XLR subwoofer cable to compliment my new JL Audio f112 subwoofer. The Alpha Sterling is Synergistic's least expensive subwoofer cable. The Cable Company said "my sub would sing"... and it does. After the cable settled in, I went through the sub set up process… again… and for the first time I really felt I could hear what was going on.

If you’re in the market for a Synergistic subwoofer cable, check out the cable presently listed on Audiogon. It’s the more expensive version and if it had XLR connections, I’d buy it myself as an upgrade.
As recommended by Mapleshade, I am running my subs using the speaker in terminals(for those subs which have them) from the speaker outs of power amp, with excellent results.
Okay, so it's been a while since the last post on this subject and would like to field more current ideas and thoughts about good sub cabling. I have four JF F113's which are utilized for extended bass in an audio only system. Because the room is more of a rectangular dimension the rear sub's, in theory, balance out the low end < 25 hz and bring the bass more to the listening spot. The rears are slave to the front respectively. In today's technology, what would be a fairly good sub cable to make two runs @ 35 feet? Presently, I have a cheaper cable that barely kicks on the subs well after the fronts kick on. Any thoughts on a pair of reference sub cables at a reasonable price?
I don't have an answer, but I do have a question for this topic & some suggestions.

I have a pair of BK subs on their way to me in the near future & need a new pair of sub cables. I will be using their Neutrik connector for music, so sub cable/LFE input will be for home theater only (which is why not looking to spend huge $ on a pair of sub cables).

Seems alot say any old cable will do but I have first hand experience that says otherwise. I origionally had a Monster sub cable bought from my local big box store. Probably paid $40 for it (which is probably $35 too much). I switched to a Taralabs sub cable (just their basic solid core, not RSC conductors) because I was buying some of their other cables & got a good deal on it. I swapped it in, not thinking about it, tuned on the music some time later & something was up. Sub sounded better & stopped making a strange noise that it use to under certain circumstances. Then I put two & two together & realised it was the cable that changed.

So being I need a pair of cables, I've been looking at Blue Jeans sub cable, Audio Advisors Black Thunder (Audioquest ends & cable, terminated by AA) & Audioquest Sub-1's. Their cost for a 10ft pair would be ~$50, $160 & $300. I'm sort of leaning towards the BJC cables as I've used their cables in the past & have been very happy with construction & performance for their cost. Don't mind spending abit more if I will hear actual benefits but I'm thinking at 3 times the cost, not sure the Black Thunder will perform that much better?