subwoofer cable question

hi all, i am running the 7.1 analog outputs from my bluray player into my multi-channel inputs on my processor.

i am using 8 identical rca interconnects for this hook up.

my question is... should i be using a subwoofer cable from the analog output (bluray) to my processor's multi-channel input to acheive better sound quality from the subwoofer?

thanks everyone,
You will never be able to tell the difference but I'm sure someone out there will tell you to buy a super gizmo glitzy sub cable for $500.

You will get far more improvement in your sub by moving it around and doing some simple, inexpensive room tuning then you will ever do by replacing a perfectly good cable with an equally good cable that costs $100's of dollars.
gh studio, thanks for your reply. however, are'nt subwoofer cables designed differently than rca interconnects due to the LFE signal.

thats what im concerned about. because LFE is coming out of the subwoofer analog output of the blu ray, im not sure if my regular rca is handling the LFE properly.

Any decent cable should work fine.

If you use speaker level to sub, you could probably even get away with magnet wire....if you didn't use sub in 'pass thru' mode.

If an issue exists, it is that you shouldn't be worried about capacitance on a sub cable. Attenuating some highs couldn't possibly hurt.