Subwoofer cable or regular IC's???

Ok, I have never really been able to grasp what makes the difference between a "sub cable" sold as a single cable, or two regular RCA's?? Now, I want to run my two new Supercube subs as stereo pairs next to my speakers. I am looking into the wireless options but just am not quite sure about reliability and performance VS a hard connection?? Back to the cables, are sub cables sold because a lot (most??) companies think most people will use with receivers that have just a single "sub out" that is summed I assume for L&R channels VS "pre out's" found on other pre amps etc??

If I am (and I am) going to use my pre outs on my integrated, one IC for the L ch and one IC for the R ch, is there an advantage to buying two "sub cables" for L&R ch, or are two regular IC's the same thing??

I hope my rambling came out making sense, so any help with this is greatly appreciated.
Same thing.
That's what I thought also but just wonder why label it as a subwoofer cable then and not just call it an IC? Since a lot of regular IC's are labeled as "great for amps" Great for this & that, why not say great for subs to! Seems something would make a sub cable better for subs than other cables?? Oh well, guess I will use a pair of my other IC's.

Just a marketing thing. A way to mark up and rebadge cables already in the inventory. I am sure there is a huge profit to be made. Plus, they can sell as a single cable. Most IC's are bought in pairs.
There is no credible difference between a "sub" cable and a standard RCA except that the sub cable is usually a single-channel unit. Don't sweat this, it is a non-issue...