Subwoofer Cable for a Klipsch RSW-15


I'm looking for a cable to match the performance of this very musical subwoofer. It has a line level stereo input so I have to run a pair into it.

Uhm....I have a suggestion. Since I can't call you, I'll haunt you this way....over and over and over. LOL! (inside joke.)

Your worst nightmare,
If it's any help, I've been very pleased with BetterCables Silver Serpent sub cables. I have a pair of Boston PV600 subs, hardly thunderboxes but very quick, tight and musical.
I have had good results using Cobalt Cable ultimate subwoofer cables. I run a single cable into their y adapter, and feed the L & R inputs to my sub. I use this configuration on both my systems which comprise of a Dunlavy sub in my HT room, and a Bagend infrasub 18 in my bedroom system.