Subwoofer cable

I am going to experiment with my Tyler Acoustics powered sub to help fill in my main speakers (Tyler Acoustics Highland 3.5) and need to purchase a sub cable from my integrated amp to the sub. Since the sub only needs a small signal I am thinking I don't need a high dollar cable or am I going to spring for one. What is a good cable to use for most subs and I am thinking there can't be huge differences in cables for my intended use? Correct me if I am wrong please :)  I was looking at a Monster Cable for around $50 via Amazon.  
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I've had good luck with "Blue Jean Cables" they are about the same price as Monster but a smaller company. Check out their online reviews.
Audioquest also makes several nice inexpensive sub cables. It’s been my vast experience, (not sure about everyone else), that sub cables are really hard to hear a difference with. I’ve tried cables up to $500 and it sounded the same as a $25 cable.

IMHO, don’t spend a lot on a sub cable.
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They had a pair of DH Labs sub cables for sale not that long ago.  Very inexpensive.

Straightwire has some great cables for this application. Cost effective as well.
I use a Straightwire "Y" Cable for my outdoor home theater system. 

Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I just ordered a 12 ft. Blue Jeans LC-1 for $30.