Subwoofer cable???

Hi All,

Are there significant differences among subwoofer cables? Are they basically just good interconnects? Any recommendations?


I have found that a solid core cable(AQ) sounds better than a stranded cable(Monster) for bass. Synergistic research Design also makes great but $$$$ sub cables.

Try Blue Jeans Cable (Belden 1505F). You can pay a helluva lot more (mega buck cables) & not get any measurable or audible improvement. Why pay more?
I use a MAS Gray silver I/C.
BTW, I use Analysis Plus Super Sub cables. Cheap and work great. Also Talon Audio uses it as reference for their subs.

True, Solid core types are very taut , accurate and dynamics. Among the choices for subwoofer cabling, there are very limited, but consider Audioquest or DNM.

see these cables employed from the home audio to car audio arena, and the definition is explosive, controlling the excursion of larger diameter speakers without loosing definition is a hard thing to do, but these cables play out well.
Maybe consider Ultralink--pretty good for the money--10 meter for $80.
I am using the XLO Ultra on mine it did seem to add more voice. I had tried Monster and Audio Stream before. I asked Cardas, since I have a mostly Cardas system, and they said it really wasn't important due the frequencies involved. All I can say is I felt there was an improvement over the other two I had owned. You might give a call and see if they have any in the lending library.