Subwoofer buzz

I have an hsu vtf 2 that has recently began to have a low level buzz when powered on. It seems to auto on with signal but buzzes. I tried disconnecting the sourse cable and the buzz stopped. When I touched the source rca pin going to the sub, the buzz returned. Any ideas on what this could be?? This new finding started suddenly, it worked well before.


Sounds like you've got a ground loop. This means that you've either added a component to the system that you didn't have before, have changed how your system / sub is being powered via the AC or connected your system to some type of cable or satellite TV system. If any of those seem familiar, let us know and we can tell you how to find the culprit. Sean
I haven't added any new components or changed ac system. The only thing I can think of is I recently to changed the crossover frequency on my meridian pre/pro. I have the sub set to crossover out so the pro controls, when I change the crossover control to the sub the buzz disappears???

Thanks for the help,

I tried disconnecting all inputs without benefit. When I plugged the sub cable into an old sub I lost the buzz. However, I am now using the sub crossover without buzzing. So, is the problem in the crossover of my processor OR is it in my sub??