Subwoofer blues

I need help with narrowing down my sub woofer choice. I have $600.00 to spend and am not sure to buy used or new? My system consists of b&K AVP 1000, Citation 5.1, b&w dm620's and a nakamichi mb-10 using a x-dac. I listen to music but watch a lot of movies as well. I have listened to b&W and a few others but the bass seamed sloppy. PLEASE HELP Best regards Jim
I have had great luck using a pair of Audio Concept Sub 1's. These are 12inch downward firing passive subs. I think they have been replaced by the Titans, which is essentially the same sub but is now powered. Audio concepts is a direct selling manufacturer located in western WI. I don't recall their website, but they shouldn't be to hard to find. Worth a look IMHO. Paul
I use a Hsu Research VTF-2 subwoofer. It has a 10 in. down-firing woofer and a 150 watt amp. While it doesn't have the slam of other subwoofers it sounds more musical to me. There are two ports. With one of the ports plugged the woofer will produce clean bass down to 25 Hz. With none of the ports plugged the woofer extends to 32 Hz but has more slam; ostensibly this would be used for movies. I keep one port plugged at all times - I would rather have extension than volume. Check for more info. It retailed for $499 about a year ago.
Jim, I had a Paradigm PS-1000 dual cavity ported bandpass sub which was room shaking for HT put was sloppy and muddy on tunes. Swapped it for a MB Quart D1200si- 12" forward firing, 150 watt amp. It is quick and tight on music (rock and blues) and most important to me was that it disappeared once it was dialed in! It does an average job on movies[(settings-50 hz xover, 1/4 to 1/3 gain)coupled w/full range fronts]-- It easily bested the Paradigm PDR10 and PDR 12 on tunes. It's a $500- $650 class sub. I highly recommend it for digital front ended audio - you asked :-) have fun
If your budget is limited, I would look into buying a used sub. Many can be bought for less than half of what you want. I know of a Velodyne servo 10 inch that is currently sitting at 222 dollars. It also sounds like you should stick with a sealed sub. because they tend to be tighter. Even though the Hsu is ported that is the best option if you want new.
vmps has *by far* the best performance value per dollar. and, as far as music-listening is concerned, two subs are essential, to preserve proper soundstaging/imaging. bonus is ya get the same spl w/half the distortion.
I have owned a few and tried a lot, from B&W, Infinity, Carver, ect. Settled on the Velodyne CT-120. Very tight, not boomie. Has a 270 watt amp with an adjustable frequency and gain control. I use it mostly for music (smooth jazz) but watch an occasional movie sounds great. Circuit City sell's them around $580.00. Good luck
Read the reviews on the REL Strata II, then find a used one for around $600 - $800
I would also, go for ACI Titan II. Don't buy, 'till you check Audio Concepts in. Regards!
Try the REL Q-100 E that is for sale here at Audiogon. REL is highly regarded for thir pich and pace, and is cosidered one of the most "musical" subs made today. The Strat II is even better, but $600 is unlikely (though not impossible). $800 is the going rate. Acuujim is right. Go to, and find the Robert Harley review of the Strata II. This will answer you question perfectly.
Check out SV Subwoofers. Don't think you'll find any better value. Tom and Ron were very active in the DIY arena and various forums (you can read some of their contributions in the archives of HTT, HTF, and DTF. Follow the link in this thread:
Jim listen, listen and do more listening then decide for yourself on what you like from what you hear. You can't go by what others hear. for instance I will not listen nor own any thing other than pure electrostatic reproducers(no hybrid systems either), yet others hear them and don't like them. And that is perfectly fine with me and they are perfectly happy with what they LIKE.