Subwoofer - Anyone use the Totem Lightning?

I have a set of Totem Hawks and was thinking of adding the Lightning subwoofer. Has anyone tried this combination or can recommend something else?


First off I am a Totem dealer. To answer your question regarding the Lightning, We have listen to the Lightning with a # of Totem speakers as well as the Hawks. I would say this is the best sub use with them. It accents excellent with the Hawks and totem speakers. It is not a home theater sub use a Thunder for HT. But a very musical 2 channel sub. It does not over emphise or take away from but add's more athority to the lower end. Best descrided as blending in perfectly. Hope this helps. Gary
I have this combination and it is hard to find words to say how good it is. They can integrate SEAMLESSLY if you're willing to spend an evening or two with positioning and setting the crossover. The Lightning is beautifully fast and musical and works so well with the Hawks, which are also a very fast speaker.