Subwoofer amps

I am considering buying a Revel Sub15 to match my studios for HT but unit I'm considering doesn't come with the matching external amp and crossover- he LE-1, which had 1000 watts. I assume I can use the crossover in my processor so that shouldn't be an issue but am lost as to the amp to use. Can use two channels from my Emotiva XPA 5 (200watts?). Any ideas / suggestions welcome. Thanks
Help pls!

Any views on whether revel b15 is a lot and worth the additional cost?
If you can get your hands on a Revel B15 for say around $1200.00, it is a sub that is well worth the price. I picked up one about two months ago and truly could not be happier(unless I had two B15's) with it. It literally can blend seamlessly with your fronts and virtually disappear in your room. I never new a 15 inch sub could be so tight and fast like a quality 10 or 12 inch sub. Very musical and great for HT.

On another note, the Revel Sub15 is considered one of the better passive subs ever produced.

Thx for the feedback.