Subtle speaker help needed

Quick version. I have been a member here many, many years. I don't even know how many. I have a question. My house that I built, sold and had lived in for 15 years had dedicated everything. HT room, music room. This house is a 96 year old traditional. I have gutted the place with all new everything. I have made several changes such as removing three walls that opened everything up. But, I have kept the traditional feel to the home though. I am now stuck on making a system that will blend in to the decore (sp)
Any suggestions ? I hate to say it but I have been giving the BOSE system a thought. Help before I do this.
WHOA!!!! What's your decor? What's your price range? How big's your room? Why Bose? How does Bose fit with a 96-year-old house's styling? More information please.
Look at the Gallos ( for on-wall or explore in-walls/in-ceilings. Virtually every major speaker company now makes these. I have the Gallo A'Divas and have been very satisfied. Not as good as my previous floorstanding full-range speakers, but invisible by comparison.

Best of luck.

Friends don't let friends buy Bose. There are plenty of speakers out there with more old-style, traditional looks to them. I have no idea what the rest of your needs are, and what your system and preferences are. My leanings are towards tubes and lower wattage amps, so I'll give you a few suggestions that would combine with both your 'traditional' (not entirely sure I know what you mean by that either) home, and my kind of system:

Klipsch (any of their Heritage line from the 70's and 80's) - Klipschorn, Belle Klipsch, LaScala, Cornwall and Heresy in order of size. Paired off with tubes these speakers are wonderful to my ears. Careful with pairing them with SS.

Galante speakers - Brian Galante is no longer building them unfortunately, but they are available used occasionally and are a wonderful speaker. The Rhapsody is the one I have.

Cain & Cain - A bit more esoteric and sensitive to system matching. More of an acquired taste in a way. But craftsmanship that would likely go with your traditional decor (if I'm understanding you)

You can look further into esoteric makers like Edgarhorns, Tannoy, and other exotic single-driver solutions. There again, system matching is critical.

You should probably explain a bit more of what you are looking for. "Traditional" can be broadly interpreted.

If you mean subtle as in unobtrusive and you want a multi speaker system JM labs makes an entry level speaker system called Cubs.
I am not a complete Bose Basher because I am the son of a late audiophile whose friend had one of the first sets of 901s they were revolutionary. As a kid hearing them I thought they blew away many of the speakers of the day. I don't know what Dr. Bose was thinking as he developed new models but the general public seems to like them, I was forced into Bose store (WAF issue) and couldn't tolerate the sound of any model at all. We finally settled on a pretty little floor stander that is generally well liked. They are the Von Schweickert VR2s they are not obtrusive slim a little hieight though and have good veneers and the sound of mine are musical. My wife insisted on them. But these were U.S. built, they are now outsourced to China and may look or sound different. I have my own dedicated system, I won't go into because it's fairly idiosyncratic.
Okay, I will be a little more descriptive. The house is like a center hall colonial. Rooms on both sides of the entrance. I am looking for HT only. I have a tube system set up in the den for my music. I want simple solid stste for the HT. Wife friendly. I want it UNabtrusive to the room. I don't want to see it. I just re did all of the walls in brand new sheetrock so inwalls are out unless I can get them in without a mess. I am not familiar with inwall instalation.
I am looking for a complete system really. I have a 52" Toshiba DLP wich is just the right size for the room. Also kept one LCD projector from the sale of the house that I kept for future use somewhere.
I know BOSE is a major poo poo around here. I really couldn't care either though. No highs no lows must be bose. Bullcrap. I have heard the cubes in a HT environment and they sound good. I just think they are overpriced by about 7000%. Even on the used market they are commanding wayyyy too much. But the BOSE concept and size (to me ) are the perfect bookmark.
Does that supply enough info ?
Thanks, Scott
Well, Scott, B&W offers similarly unobtrusive and better looking (and made) and better sounding stuff -- for a similar if not inferior price. You can't miss them -- they're small sats of stands with circular subwoofs. I've listened to these, btw.
Maybe the Kef Eggs would work for you? Better than Bose, unobtrusive, pretty good audio, neat mounts. With sub the system comes in at about $1500, if my memory serves.

Or, you could go with Epos ELS3s and then get their sub. These main boxes are very small, good down to about 80Hz, great mids, nice highs, win awards over the years and are real values. The sub is also highly regarded.

Bob Wood
How much is the Bose system you're looking at? Like, Bbroussard said, the Gallo system would seem to at least warrant looking into.

You said:
I know BOSE is a major poo poo around here. I really couldn't care either though. No highs no lows must be bose. Bullcrap.
The ONLY thing that matters in the end is what YOU think about the sound of YOUR system, not what WE think, or may believe. So I would strongly agree with your sentiment about not caring, yet I can also relate to your desire to get some ideas, and this a great place for that, as long as you have a "thick skin". The key (in my opinion) is to listen for yourself after getting some ideas, and then trust your own ears in making the final determination. Good luck in your choice, and may you be happy with your decision, whatever it ends up being.
Thiel makes some unobtrusive HT speakers, but, they ain't cheap. That doesn't mean they aren't worth the asking price.
The house that I sold in May of 05 had a KILLER HT room. 100" screen, Sony CRT projector, reclining HT seats. You name it. I got bored with it. It just isn't that important anymore. I have my music system that I can still be anal over. I am tired of the HT scene.
I want a simple system that will not distort. Thats it. As far as I am concerned it is not that difficult to reproduce a movie experience.
I would like to keep the price under $1000 for everything( which is speakers and receiver)
Just for the record. I have quite a bit of experience in building systems. I have just been out of touch for a couple of years and need your help.
Believe me I have thick skin. I was putting together Bose systems when half of these bashers weren't even born yet. They think they have a clue:) Let's all join in on the band wagon heh !
It also may be useful to look on Videogon and Audioreview if you haven't already done so. Obviously, you'd have to know EXACTLY what you wanted and at what price before considering a site like ebay or ubid, but you could get lucky and find a great bargain (or maybe not, too...).

Another approach: See what some other well-regarded manufacturers offer as package systems. One name to consider might be Denon, which is one of the better Japanese electronics companies, in my opinion.
Where the problem lies is I have very little if any experience with the low end stuff. I have always been trying to upgrade to the piece that satisfied me. I found that to be an endless battle. Especialy when you have OCD. It never ends. So now I have givin up on that. At least for HT, I'm not that easy.
Any help in this is appreciated.
Honestly, I think I might even be at the point where I might even go without surround speakers. It is just not that important to me right now.
You said:
"Honestly, I think I might even be at the point where I might even go without surround speakers. It is just not that important to me right now."
AMEN TO THAT, BROTHER! I'll go ahead and open myself up to being flamed by joining you in THAT sentiment. Now, please understand that I have absolutely nothing against people who enjoy this kind of thing, AND I do NOT claim that my MY taste is the "correct" taste, but personally, I've never really understood the fascination with having sound emanate from BEHIND one's head. At any live musical performance, the sound comes from in FRONT, on a STAGE, hence the term, "soundstage." At a movie, even one in "Dolby Surround" the PICTURE is still in the FRONT, on the screen. When I've been to movies and stuff came out of the side speakers, it has usually sounded FAKE. In theaters, the sound is often "big", and seems artificially "overdynamic" ("too MUCH highs, too MUCH lows, don't know--or even care--whether it's Bose..."). To me, this sort of thing is very annoying, gimmicky, and insulting to my intelligence. (Others may disagree, and that's fine. I could easily be "wrong.")

When I went to upgrade the stereo, my wife and I were both in agreement that a surround sound system was not in the cards (yes, really, and we still are, I swear!). One big negative (aside from the above) was the idea of dealing with the cable runs, which would have had to be either across or under the floor, or along or within the walls.

The system we have is hooked up such that the speakers and sub-bass unit can be used as the audio for movies and television. Having GOOD speakers and electronics, the result of doing this was surprisingly cool (highly excellent, in fact) when we tried it about a week or two ago, and we've been doing it that way intermittently ever since. I have a 12-year-old son who used to avoid going to movies that were overly "loud." I never thought that he'd want big stereo sound with the TV. We hooked up the Intuitive Design Summits through the Odyssey's and supplemented with the Rel sub bass unit, just like the two channel setup, except without the benefit of the DAC (obviously). It was astonishingly good, and, to me at least, seemed more "realistic" than, say, a movie theater would. For example, he was watching that same movie through the stereo while I was in a different room. While the dialogue was on, I called in to his older brother for some reason, because they were talking over the movie. His brother didn't answer (he's a teenager), so I got up and went into the living room, where they were watching the movie. When I got there, his brother was nowhere to be found. It had been the movie dialogue sounding that realistic! To me, that's a MUCH better experience than artificial high end sizzle (minus the refined accuracy) and artificial low end boom.

The point: Maybe you could hook your television up to your two channel unit and get a result that meets or even exceeds your expectations, and it would be FREE! (Or maybe not--maybe you'll think that this idea stinks.)
Thanks for the input. That really isn't an option for me because my 2 channel system is tubed based Rogue Magnum M120 mono's. I don't want to power them up unless needed. That is why I am thinking SS for the base system.
Oh, I see.
I do feel though that for the true HT experience you must have the rear speakers. Not for the phoney stuff that some discs use. But for Stalones Cliffhanger. When the helicopters come from the rear speakers before anything shows up on the screen is amazing.
I am just not interested in getting into this in a living room environment. I feel this is better suited for a dedicated HT environment.
Going just on past experience with the quality of Denon's products, I'd consider their line at the price point you mentioned. They do offer three different home theater package systems, but the only one to meet all of your criteria is this one:

Denon's TDHT-486DV: Complete 7.1 Home Theater System
the new NHT's! I think its the xd series or something. Dont know how they sound but they look really good!!!
I am a newbie but I would never go with Bose.. Go Kef or AE instead....
Scottht: Have you come to a decision yet or are you still thinking it over?
Still pondering. Last night my wife and I were talking about putting a HT room up on the unfinished third floor of this house. The family was always diggin the old HT room. Everyone would be very happy for another HT room here.
The wife didn't complain too much about the spending on this. But she always has an issue when it comes to my 2 channel rig.
Can't figure that one out :)
Did you check into the Denon system?
I looked it up but, at this point if I am going to build another dedicated room. I would use higher end stuff. I just didn't want to clutter the living room with boxes.
Thanks for that info though.
It sounds like you got the upgrade bug before you even bought anything! LOL! You're obviously on the right web site for THAT mindset! Good luck in your decision, whatever it ends up being.