Subtitles on the BDP-83

I have the 80" Shape TV and no matter which DVDs I play, the bottom line of the subtitle does not show. If it is 3 lines, I only see two. If 4 just 3 show. Any thoughts on what I might try?
Have you tried different aspect ratio settings? I think some widescreen TV's may be 16:10 and not 16:9. Either way, its easy enough to check. If that doesn't help, I would try the adjustments on your TV that move the picture around and expand/contract its size.
Press & hold the subtitle button on the Oppo remote while watching a DVD w/ subtitles. A see thru overlay screen will pop up on the TV, then use the arrow buttons to move the subtitles up or down to your liking, then press enter to lock in the new position.
Thank you so much Elee. That fixed it! Was so surprised it was not in the owners manual. But thanks so much again. Tom