Substitute for Naim Naca5 with Nait 5i?

Does anyone have experience with using a speaker cable other than Naim Naca 4/5 with a Nait 5? I have one on the way and would like to use something else temporarily until I can order the Naca5. I understand that "Litz" type cable is specifically recommended against and that Kimber cable is also not a good idea (maybe Kimber is a Litz configuration?). Has anyone found something else to work well or even better the Naca5? Thanks.
I would stick with that naca 5. I had some nordost flatline when I had the nait5i at first. Then I got the naca 5 and it really goes well with the amp. I noticed a big improvement. Naim stuff goes good together. I think Chord might work with Naim but I dont know who has it here in the US. I dont have that amp anymore but actually wish I had not sold it it was really outstanding.
I also agree with Holla..Just get NACA5..The stuff is fabulous..You will not be disappointed.If you have to order cable anyway just order that.If I remember correctly it only retails for $10per ft.
If I wasn't using OCOS on my Dynaudio's!!! NACA5 would be the choice.
North Country Audio has some Rega wire which they are selling for $2 a ft. according to their website. Also, Linn K20 I would think would work as well. Would either be better? I'd look into the Rega wire and terminate yourself or bare wire. Regards, Bill.
linn wire is ok temporarily
NACA indeed is good, however, I find it to be a pain in the balls to work with (TOO STIFF). DNM is superb. Try it.