Substitute for a Conrad-Johnson Premier 3 preamp

I'm using a Premier 3 with an Audio Research D-115 mk II amp, Cary 303 CD player, and Pass Aleph Ono with a Roksan Xerxes/Artemiz/Shiraz combination and Fulton P22 speakers. Can anyone suggest a tube preamp with remote control to use instead of the C-J? Would the BAT VK-5i or Rogue 99 offer similar sonic qualities to the Premier? I've tried the Audio Research LS2 and LS7, but I prefer the Premier's more robust sound. I'm not keen on the newer ARC preamps like the LS15 and LS16. Upper limit about $2000 used. Thanks.
Stay with the PREMIER 3 and try to get a remote control adaptor like one from CREEK.
I've seen CJ Premier l4s offered for $l995. I have one, used to own a Premier 3. The l4 is a terrific preamp. And yes, it has a remote. You'll love it with your system.
I agree - get a premier 14 - it's a great preamp.
I have to agree with Vayasteve, i will never get rid of my Premier 3, maybe, only maybe, Conrad Johnson could incorporate a remote system, i've thought of calling them to find out, but i would not want to muck up the sound in any way.