Substantial Upgrade

Longtime lurker, first-time poster:  My wife and I got into vinyl about five years ago and have been steadily collecting records ever since.  We love spinning records, and listen to a lot of jazz, pop, and classical music.  We started modestly with an AT LP120, and are lucky to have a friend who just happened to have a pair of Totem Rainmakers sitting in his garage collecting dust, which he gave to us, along with a TSC sub and all cables.  We have decided it is time to invest in our own system.

I've done a lot of research and read numerous threads on this topic here and elsewhere, and we've narrowed our choices down to two tables: the Rega P6 (in the $1500 price range) or the Feickert Volare (in the $3500 bracket).  Either table I'll be getting the Hana ML.  For phonostage, we've narrowed down to the MoFi UltraPhono or the Sutherland KC Vibe mk ii.  I'm hoping I can solicit opinions here on these choices and, in particular, whether the Feickert is going to make a difference for our use case.  Finally, I recognize that the speakers might be outclassed by these upgrades, but we are separately planning to move in the next year and I want to wait and see where our new listening room is going to be before investing in new speakers.    

Thanks in advance. 
Bruin.  I’m actually a clear audio guy.  Biggest problem is no integrated dust cover.  And the after market isn’t cheap, and is something you have to figure out where to put it when you’re using the table.  Once again, people need to understand your living situation.  
@co93 - Yeah I hear you.  This is one reason I'm not getting the volare--the museum dust cover just isn't going to work for me.  
Thanks again to everyone for their help and feedback in this thread.  I ordered the Rega P6, Sutherland KC Vibe mkii, and the Hana SL cartridge.  Also spring for a Tru-lift.  I'm really excited for this new setup and, more importantly, to listen to all the great records I've been buying the last month in anticipation of this purchase! As with many others on this forum, I also want to give a big thanks to Kat at Upscale for patiently working with me through this process.  
Quick follow up:  Everything has arrived and I dropped the needle today.  For my first test run, I played the MoFi pressing of Dire Straits, Love Over Gold.  Somewhat hilariously, I played it at 33 RPM because I didn't realize how the NEO PSU worked lol.  So that was fun.  Quick reset, get it going at 45 RPM, and--oh my god.  Telegraph Road, dead quiet noise floor, incredible separation, and what I would describe as open space, as if the sound finally had room to breath.  I've certainly never heard my Totems sing like that before.    

Now, as I mentioned before, my wife and I listen a lot together, but I listened to Dire Straits on my own and did not tell her my impressions.  Instead, when I told her it was all ready, I had her pick an album, and she picked the Analogue Productions pressing of The Four Seasons.  I drop the needle, and about 5 seconds in her jaw hits the floor.  In the end, we both got to experience a tremendous audible improvement in the music.

I also mentioned above that I was going to wait until we get a new house before getting new speakers.  I'm still going to wait, but maybe a Rel T7i is in my future to replace my TSC sub....