Subsonic music streaming app

Do any of you use Subsonic to stream your music from your PC to your iPhone/Pod/Pad? I'm thinking about trying it--$5 for the app and a free 30 day trial for the download ($30 "donation" to keep using it after that). I'm thinking I'll have a sort of DIY Squeezebox, minus the hi res capapbility. If anyone is using it . . .

1) How does it sound playing lossless files?
2) Are there any set up adjustments that will improve audio quality?
3) Any quirks or drawbacks?

FYI, I'll be streaming my music library from my laptop to my iPhone which is docked to a Pure i-20 which sends the pure digital stream to my W4S Dac-1.

Thanks for any guidance!
Sounds cool. You might want to consider getting one of those inexpensive re clockers for b/t your i-20 and your DAC. I'm not recalling the brand name, but you can get them used for redbook resolution for not very much $$$.
I used it for a while and if you search the archives I think I started a thread about's quirky and hard to set up. I now use an app called Audio Galaxy which is much more user friendly. They both tans-code lossless to mp3 and sound about the same. I use it to stream from my home server to a Droid X (there is also a iphone version)with Westone 3 earbuds. It's my dog walking HiFi. Nice to be able to access 30k songs without using any storage space on the SD card!
Forgot to add...Audiogalaxy is also free and it streams via 3G/4G so you do not need a wireless connection. Subsonic will do that also but not nearly as error free.
Thanks Richard. I fiddled with Subsonic last night, but couldn't get it to stream to the iPhone. It does indeed seem quirky--will check out Audiogalaxy.
I discovered SqueezePlayer the other week. You will need the SqueezeBox server on your laptop and a controlling app like SqueezeCommander. I think you might be able to use the built-in website of the server from the browser but the SqueezeCommander will be easier to use. It will basically turn your "i" device into a Squeezebox Touch. I think for both apps it might cost you $10-$15. If you decide to install the server software on a computer, you can stream remotely over 3/4G using the SqueezePlayer. I haven't tried it yet, but the developer has a very thorough "HowTo" on his site.

If I would have discovered SqueezePlayer sooner, I may have bought another tablet instead of buying SB Radios.
Sorry didn't answer the original post. No I haven't tried Subsonic. Reason why I recommended SqueezePlayer because Subsonic sounded similar in functionality.
Update: I tried Audiogalaxy, but it only plays mp3 files. My library is mostly WAV and Apple Lossless. So I slowed down and reinstalled Subsonic, and . . . viola! It works! I have my 68 gig music library streaming to my iPhone, and it sounds decent, like 320bit mp3. I haven't tried the SqueezePlayer, but from what I've read I can't see an app for the iPhone/Pod. So there you have it. Subsonic does work for streaming to an I-device. Now I have a month to play with it and decide if I want to "donate" for the permanant version.
Pretty sure Audiogalaxy will support those files, at least I am certain it will flac. Both programs stream lossless files as mp3 and sound about the same...which is petty damn good actually. Glad you were able to get Subsonic rolling. Audiogalaxy is easily my favorite app as was Subsonic when I was using it.
My bad. I thought it was available for the "i" devices. When looking at the website, it mentions AppStore which I assumed was the iTunes AppStore.
Just checked the forums and there is mention of SqueezeCast which supposedly similar to SqueezePlayer. Checked it out in Apple store and it's $4.99.

Read this thread about it
Found another highly recommended product similar to SqueezePlayer. You can find it in iTunes AppStore called iPeng. There is an add-on you can purchase to turn your "i" device to a Squeezebox device. You can access your library remotely similar to SqueezePlayer by changing some router configurations.
Have a look at eLyric. It will play FLAC directly (no transcoding/quality loss to MP3). I got it because I got the PS Audio PerfectWave DAC & Bridge and eLyric is a PS Audio product and the recommended controller for the PW DAC. I use eLyric as a controller, but it also works as a player. I have no experience with any of the apps previously mentioned in this thread, but eLyric is the best of all the controller/renderer apps that I have tried on Andriod and iPod/iPad.

I don't think any of those apps will stream to an Android device via 3/4G except for Subsonic and Audiogalaxy. If there is an app that will do that without transcoding lossless files please do tell!
"If there is an app that will do that without transcoding lossless files please do tell!"

Yes! I agree completely--I'm loving the Subsonic streamer to my iPhone. It recognizes my iTunes library, my Winows Media Player library, and my HD Tracks library. I have access to all of my files, but they are 320 mp3s by the time they get to the DAC. Either way, it's a fun thing to do and I'm bitten by the bug. I think I'll get a couple of 1TB hard drives and start ripping CDs seriously using the Computer Audiophile CD Ripping Strategy. BTW, I "donated" 20 euros to Subsonic--I think it's well worth it.
Sindre, the developer of Subsonic, sent me this response when I asked if it was possible to bypass the transcoding of WAV, Aiff, FLAC: "I'm not sure what audio formats the iPhone supports, but to turn off transcoding you go to Settings>Players in the Subsonic web interface, then select the player which corresponds to your iPhone and tick off the transcodings." I tried it last night and the improvement was amazing! I know the iPhone Can't play higher than 16/44, but the WAV files streaming through the DAC sounded as good or better than my CD player!
Rosedanny....thanks much for posting that. Sounds like they have added some features because when I was using Subsonic they only had a selection for "higher quality" which was more in the are of 192kbs mp3. I'll download it again and hope I can remember how to get it working. I will gladly drop Audiogalaxy and go back to Subsonic if it can in fact stream flac native! I was hoping JRiver would add it to Gizmo, I think it will stream flac via wireless network now but not cellular like Subsonic or Audioglaxy. Won't work for you though as Gizmo is an Android app.

Thanks again for posting the update! Sindre is a good developer and helped me early on with Subsonic setup. I also made a larger donation:)
Two things to consider:
1)I don't think there is a flac transcoder. I know for sure there is WAV (the file type I use) and have turned off.
2)I have not used Subsonic outside of my house, so I can't speak to the 3G streaming capabilities--over wi-fi it works without a hitch.

BTW, for some reason, WAV files from my Windows Media Library sound better than WAV files from my iTunes library. Go figure.
Correction: Subsonic does do FLAC. You can disable the mp3 transcoding so it will stream FLAC flies. I haven't tried it yet, but if anyone has done this please chime in.