Subsonic filter noise??

Greetings. I just recently wrote about some questions about my Linn Axis. Basic Plus Tonearm and Signet MR/ ME cartridge (AWEFUL).

Another problem that I have encountered is that I have a lot of subsonic noise. I don't particularly hear it, however the drivers in my speakers move a lot even when playing at a low volume and I am afraid I will damage the speakers if I turn up the volume slightly. I am using an Aragon 47k from the mid 1990's which does not have a subsonic filter switch and I think it sounds OK. The rest of my rig is: Classe 6L MK II Preamp, Krell KAV 250 A,
Pioneer TAD S-2ex (amazing speakers and very underrated). Cardas Cross By wire speaker cable and miscellaneous Audioquest cables. Can you buy a dedicated subsonic filter or should I look at another phono preamp with that feature?? The 47K has variable gain and load adjustments but no Subsonic switch.
I am considering a new cartridge and was wondering if this would eliminate or alleviate the problem.

Thanks in advance.
Could the answer be as simple as the TT does not have enough isolation? I mean that vibration or sound waves travel thru the furniture/rack, then reach the TT, cart, and tonearm.
Maybe u have already treated this area, I'm just taking a stab in the dark.
I agree with Lowrider57. Where do you sit your table? Are the speakers firing at the table as well?
Isolation is most likely the cause, or perhaps your cartridge is not compatible with your arm , or perhaps not properly set up.

In any event, if you need a subsonic filter, I suggest KAB. Google KAB audio online.
Thanks for your answers. The TT sits on an entertainment center and it may be getting some vibrations. What should I try?? Some vibra pods perhaps.
I am also thinking about trying a different cartridge since I honestly don't like the sounds of what I have now. Will check with KAB.
Thanks again and best regards.
There is a KAB rumble filter for sale here. Buy it and your woofer pumping problem will be gone.
Although considered unhip in audiophillia, I use a subsonic filter for my Basik/Akito rig. Cambridge 640P (with a Pangea power supply). It works really well, stops the tawdry woofer flapping, and sounds great. Does that make me a bad person?
Harrison Labs have inline filters for about $30 a pair.Check out their site. Ebay has a listing with free shipping. Do a search for subsonic filters and it will come up!
You are on the correct path thinking of another Cartridge . The Signet is an old Model and it may be worn out , either it's Suspenssion or Stylus .
The Basik Plus arm is meant for a MM Cartridge . I would recommend a Audio Technica AT-150 MLX , Ortofon Black , Grado Platinum , Soundsmith SMMC 2 and others
I tried the Sumiko Pearl after experiencing excessive treble emphasis from an AT440, and to get a local audio salesman OFF MY BACK. Apparently the Pearl is universally ignored because it's inexpensive (or something) and this guy has many years of experience with this stuff, knows I'm a cheapskate, and knows what an Akito needs. Also, before I bought the 640p I scored some NOS Nakamichi 30hz RCA line filters that un-rumbled my woofers, although the 640p starts the process at bettah.