Subs with balanced inputs?

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I'm considering doing the XLR thing through my system and am just curious, does anyone know of a sub that takes XLR inputs? There don't seem to be many out there (top of the line REL is one, I think) so maybe there is little audible difference in the lower frequency ranges...or something. Anybody?


ive never seen one that did.

thinking of that, ive never seen a pre-amp with balanced outputs for a subwoofer.
The better RELs have them and they are useful if you have a long run of IC. It's usually better to run the RELs off the power amp terminals though. If you do decide to get one, get at least a Stadium III; anything less is a waste.
One of the reasons you don't see very many is the quality of most amps in active subs is about $80. A great many of them come with very short warranty on the sub amp.

The Revel B-15 Performa. It has both balanced and RCA in-
puts. And the quality of the amp is definatly better than
the $80 variety.
Hey guys,

Thanks for the info. I've got a Classe preamp with balanced out, which I really like, and I understand it sounds great mated to a Classe power amp through the XLR. Right now I'm using RCAs and running a Marchand crossover in between the pre and power to keep my ported monitors from exploding (works well and sounds good). I've learned from Marchand that I can add XLR ins/outs to the crossover, so I might do that. But leave unbalanced RCA outs to the sub (gasp)? Basically, I'm just turning around more audiophile madness in my thanks again for helping me with all that :)

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MAN, I`m glad someone asked this question! I was about
to ask it myself. I`m getting an Anthem AVM-20, it has
balanced outs to 10 channels, 2 for subwoofer, 2 for
center, 2 for sides, 2 for front, 2 for rear.
Martin Logan Descent has XLR as well. Wish I could afford one.
Yup, the Descent definitely has an XLR, and it works very nicely connected that way to a Classe SSP :) However, my SSP75 has only ONE balanced LFE out, and the the Descent has only a balanced input - so it'll be difficult to run two subs this way, at least in this config.
Can I take this one step further and ask about a sub with balanced ins and outs as I would like a high/pass output to my tube amps.
Check out the SV Sound (SVS) PB13 Ultra and the PB12 Plus subwoofer lines. The amps they use with them have XLR inputs and outpus.