Subs: Vandersteen 2wq, TBI Magellan VIII


As you can tell from some of my other posts, I'm busily working away at two systems. I'm now shopping subwoofers, albeit with some dread: with few exceptions, I've never really heard a satisfying bit of system integration.

Now, one of my systems uses small monitors (Harbeth Monitor 30s, to be exact). System #2 is still a toss-up between Quads and Maggies. The subs would be for the monitors but, hopefully, be interchangeable between both systems. Also -- and this might make everything moot -- I'd rather not buy 2 subs. Then, we're looking at a minimum of $3.5K+ investment and, for that kind of money, I'd just as soon buy bigger full range speakers and call it good.

I've heard and read good things about both units in the subject line. Vandersteen is a known entity, the design and use of the 2Wq seems smart and makes sense. I've read great things about the Magellan. Then again, their Web site seems a bit flakey, there aren't many dealers, etc. But ya never know, right?

Thoughts, opinions?
The question depends on how well the subwoofer intergrates with the system. This is a difficult question to answer.If you trust your dealer you can ask him. Some dealers allow you to audition each one seperately, however you are obligated to buy the sub from them. I would go this way since you are the one who will be listening to your system.
Dear Highdudgeon : Both system are great: mid-bass and up frecuency sound reproduction.

You could have a full range system with the integration of two subwoofers ( in a true stereo fashion ).

The main speakers + subwoofers configuration can " beat " a full range speakers for less money.

If you have the time please read carefully these links about:

Regards and enjoy the music.

both subs you are looking at are very good subs,look at the aci force or titan,either of these would more than suit your needs,check out their websit!! not flakey!!