Subs for Magnepan 2.7's

I'm looking for a nice pair of subs that would match well with my speakers. Am considering ACI Forces, used RELs or James and the B&W PV-1s. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The use would mainly be for music and want a musical sub with deep,tight bass. I think a sealed (non ported) sub would be best. Thanks
While I feel that Vandersteen's full range speakers leave much to be desired, the subs are very good. I used a pair of 2W subs with a pair of Magnepan 1.5s and it worked very well.
i owned a pair of 2.7s for several years. the best sub for it is no sub. once you mix subs and panels, you lose coherency. the resulting configuration sounds like two speakers. if you must do it, run the nagnepans at full range and hopefully find a sub that rolls of at around 50 or 60 hz, steeply, to minimize the overlap.

try to avoid active crossovers. keep it simple.
I'll check the Vandersteen's out. Thanks

Mr Tennis,
I'm currently using an older single sub crossed over at exactly the frequency you recommended (about 50hz) and it blends well. I think I need better more musical subs and would probably keep them crossed over at the same frequency. Thanks
I picked up an ACI force sub, and absolutely love it. It is very fast and tight. I have AP sparks, which are fast speakers, and I cross over at 65hz, and this sub disappears into the soundstage. Kick drums are dead center and deep on rock & roll. This sub sounds like it is exactly what you are looking for. There are two crossover filters and a variable phase pot. Takes a little time to set up but well worth the effort. Hope this helps.
Maybe I can help - I have 3.6R's and am using Revel Concerta B12 subs with them and the fit is amazing! The B12's have a parametric equalizer in them, are non-ported and very fast and pitch accurate. They should blend well with your speakers and they look great in the cherry finish - even if it IS just a vinyl coating! At $995/ea retail, they are affordable as well. Good Luck!

Thanks everyone for your input. I'll look into the Revels, too.