Subs for horn systems

Are there any subs that mate well with Avantgarde speakers? Thanks!
Which model?
Myraj, The Duo's. Thanks

I already used a Duo, and Trio after that. I understand why do you want to improve LF. At that time, I had used a REL Studio III to make up the low freq. I think REL sub can help you to change the sound. REL is powerful and the price is not much expensive. And about the result of REL-Duo/Trio weding, I sold all Avantgardes and build my own horn speakers by using two pairs of TAD 4100 and 2100, and the REL.
Mike aka "Magnetaraus" on Agon and "Magnetar" at AA has built some very large and highly efficient folded horn subs. These are based on JBL drivers and should play very loud and go quite deep. Mike's a great guy and always willing to discuss audio and his projects with anyone interested. Do a search for him over at AA and you can probably find a link to his personal website, which has pictures of many of his various horn based projects. Sean
Why the switch from the Trios? I'm thinking about mating Trios to my pair or REL Studio IIIs.
Before you abandon your SUB225s, make sure that you've set the polarity correctly (highest output at xover point, swap the wires and measure SPL each way) and experiment with the level and crossover settings. MAJOR improvements may be made by patient and careful adjustment, and by having dedicated 20 amp lines and quality outlets & power cords (Shunyatas are worth a try). Be sure to use the speaker level inputs (line level inputs are primarily there for home theater use) to better blend with the horns...what amp(s) are you using?
Hi Dave,

I didn't come to forum for a long time. I got your question about why have to switch from Trios? To tell the trust, Trios is a good speaker (and expenssive, too), but to me their HF is not strong enough, and more than that the HF and MF sound seem like got some taste of rasin or tree sap. I feel they're not transparent enough. After that, I changed to a JBL S8R, and then a Hartsfiled, and many more. And the Hartsfield is the last one I still keep, even Tannoy Westminter HE and Kingdom have gone. But most the time I listen to my custom-system: 2 pair of TAD 4001 and the REL, drived by 1 MC 275 and 1 Audio Note Kansai, and Luxman CL35 MKII. I wish I can find a pair of MC 3500 "The king of tube" for my Hartsfields, but maybe really long later.

The Trios and RELs come together will make really good sound. I think not much system can reach to that sound. The last thing: The Trios are beautiful.
I have owned AV Duo 2.2 I have since built many front horns. The imperial style bass cabinets are far better than even AV new bass horns.I have heard and owned many of the high quality subs on the market inc REL ,Martin Logan Velodyne,JM labs Thiel many others built many diferant bass cabinets and bass horns.Theres nothing even close to a modern style imperial.You could sell your 225s And DIY or have someone build a pair for you see Decware imperial forum for more info.
You need a horn loaded sub to keep up with your horn system. The TacT subs are designed to fit into the corner of the room and be as efficient and fast as horn speakers. They are expensive, however, I got there prototypes at a fraction of the cost. The prototypes are just as good as the store type, except black and without the wood finish.