Subs for coners or built-in sub inside speakers

I'm unfortunatley limited for space - I'm looking for sub that is best suited for corners or should I look deeply into speakers with built in subs like Definitive Tech BP series - I don't know of any other speakers out there with the same concept as DT - your suggestions/recommendations will be greatly appreciated....
I had the same problem and I solved it with the DT STS. Very slender and pretty speaker with and deep deep bass for HT. For 2 channel it displays nice deep bass, airy mids and highs. The reviews are not overstated on this affordable speaker.
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You'll need something that has low Q (overdamped) and rolls off gently in the bass so that you don't get too much boosted response from the corner placement - something like a Vandersteen sub or REL perhaps?
I THINK Tact and Lyngdorf have corner subs ... not sure how compatible they are with speakers besides their own though
Von Schweikert had a speaker (model 300?) w/built-in subs and Vandersteen offers the Model 5 and the Quattro. In the big to mega-buck range, AvanteGarde Horns and Audio Machina offer such models. I'm sure there are some others as well.

I had a REL stadium in a corner and couldn't have been happier with it - no directionality at all as long as it was set at the right level...
the Definitive Tech 7002, 7004, 7006 all have great built in subs you will love with home theater. The speakers are all have a very thin profile too.
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I've always had difficulty blending a corner sub(s) into my systems.This is especially true for listening to music(as opposed to movies).I use Canton Karat M 70's with their sidefiring unpowered woofers in my main theater system(no sub).Despite many equipment changes,I've been happy with the speakers for 10 years! I do regret selling the Mirage OM-6 speakers that used to anchor my 2nd HT system in the basement.I've moved to smaller monitor with a corner sub.I can never get the bass quite rightThe OM-6's were so coherent with their built in ,very adjustable powered subs.
I'm leaning more twoard the Definitive Tech approach as I sated that I don't have much room in my Listening room, and I'm thinking by going this approach this will be somewhat cost effective and will be able to spend more money in other area like seperate!