subs and monitors

have a pair of canton 202 monitors that were "saved" by a tube amp. i am now loving their sound but want those last few octaves of bass for impact and scale. thinking about the cheapest cylinder sub from svs. want to keep the price lower than $700.oo. any recommendations for this sub or another. smallish room 11x15. also would like some basic do's and don'ts on setup and connection. dont have a sub out on amp or dac
How low do the 202 monitors go? Asking because if they go down to, say, 40 or 50 hertz, then Rel becomes a serious consideration. However, you'd have to snag a used Strata or something similar at a killer price. Why Rel? Because they're designed to let the mains run full range and then fill in JUST the very bottom end. Crossover settings are typically quite low, like in the 20s. Mine is set at 27 hertz. Fabulous sub-bass units.
Not familiar with your monitors or the svs products but here's my experience. I have a similar sized listening room and recently purchased a Velodyne SPL-800 to augment the low end. This sub doesn't go as low as some but it works very well rounding out the sound and is easy to blend. This is my second attempt at using a sub; the first was a total failure. The 800 is very small and fits between the speakers easily. Click on my system for a picture. Good luck.
they "allegedly" go to 33hz. however i think mid to low 40's is likely. they are very quick and detailed so the sub will have its work cut out for it as far as integrating smoothly. the svs seem to have a fantastic recommendation as well as the rel. thanks for the input so far. oh, the drivers are aluminum if that helps.
I agree with the REL recommendation and would also suggest an ACI Force XL.
Third the REL Strata suggestion. Works excellently (in a corner and set at 32HZ) in my 11 x 13.5 room with Dynaudio Focus 110s.
Rel units are known for being extremely fast and integrating seamlessly. An very, very well written consumer review of the Rel Strata III has been posted by Audiogon member Quadophile.
Similar to REL check out ACI subs at I just purchased a Force XL as I've heard so much about these. ACI is an "under the radar" company. Much less expensive than REL too....and you can try it at home for 30 days no risk. But these subs get rave reviews by just about everyone. I too run monitors...Sequerra MET 7.7 mkII.
Another vote for REL.