Subject: Q. on room size and what speakers to use


Right now I have a 2 channel system with Vandy 2Ce's and Arcam delta
90 integ amp. Looking to get into HT, question is do I build around
the Vandy's or start with smaller speakers (potentially less exp ones
too). i know i can sell the Vandy's for almost what they cost me so
wont loose money on that.

My room right now is 18' long by 10.5' wide. Is this too small to
optimally use a Vandy based system and should move to a
bookshelf/smaller tower system.

Thanks for the advice

Post a follow-up to
I'm using Vandersteen 3A's in a room about 13 x 10 and they sound fantastic as a two channel music system. After years of unsuccessful upgrading, the key was room treatment. Curtains behind the speakers and Sonex on the side walls. The difference is so huge that you have to hear the difference for yourself to appreciate it.
Keep your Vandy's! They are great for both audio and HT. I am using Vandy 3A Signatures in a room that is only a smidge bigger than yours (18 x 12), and work very well.
If you like the sound of the Vandy's now, why switch? If the acoustics aren't quite right, a different speaker won't necessarily help -- but Wlutke's suggestions might. Are there any issues with the sound now? What is the ceiling height? (I've got a simple spreadsheet that will calculate potential standing wave issues and will be happy to share this with you but need all three dimensions).