Sub X-overs/internal,external

Hi guys,has anybody bypassed their internal sub x-over
connected a external X-over.
I am wondering what do you find better,I use a velodyne DD-15
and am thinking of trying a external X-over to see if I can
get more QUALITY bottomend,Thanks for any input.

I do like what happening now BUT.
Your question cannot be answered without a more detailed description of the application and associated equipment.

I want to relieve the mains of bottom end(free up so to speak.
I use a Arcam Av-8 prepro,Bryston 7b-ssts,BCD-1 CDP,Revel 50as
I figure a high quality external X-over might give me more quality,like comparing a receiver(all in one),where I find separates are better to me.I think a external X-over might be better than the one that's in the DD-15,and I know that it's good.
Why aren't you using the bass management in the AV-8 and bypassing the crossover in the Velodyne? Unless you replace the AV-8 with a pre/pro that includes good room EQ, it would be advantageous to keep the sub EQ in the Velodyne.

Frankly, there are more effective and flexible crossovers in prepros and AVRs these days than there are as separate units, except for professional digital devices.

Hi KAl,I do use the bass management in the AV-8.
I don't use the subs crossover at all.
My 50as go down to 32-34 hz,so I am using the AV-8 crossed over at 60hz.I mainly run stereo direct as it bypasses all the digital.I use the dacs in the Bryston BCD-1(analog outs.Don't get me wrong I really do like what I have.
I just thought maybe a Bryston 10B sub X-over(cost as much as my Velodyne)I might get more excellent bottom end.I know the
Arcam's X-over is fine and so is the velodyne,if i had a Highend X-over,you would think I'd have a major improvement
on the bottom end,and then maybe not.
Did not see how old this was but am setting up my Audio
with a AV-8 in my system.

I want to use all 3 of the sub outputs for my particular configuration.
I went this route,as i have one DD-15,i had some Cardas grc
Y cables(this is for the music side)set my 50as to large,I ran two Ycables from my
AV-8 R+L main preouts,from the right Y,I ran two cables,one went to the sub input and one went to my 7B-sst and the left Y,I did the same,SOLIDand it is in preset 1(in the AV-8 LFE input)and I use the AV-8
X-over at 60hz for movies,perfect,except I would like another for R+L stereo,Spring time perhaps.