sub-woofer with ML Summits

I just bought a pair of ML Summits, and although I am still breaking them in, I adore them. I am brand new to this level of hi fi listening and not very knowledgable, but already I'm hooked. I had owned the ML Ascent i's and a ML Descent and loved them too before trading them in for the Summits about three weeks later. I figured I wouldn't need the subwoofer, and indeed I don't, but there's need and then there's need. I listen to mostly classical and jazz, often at quite low levels, and I'm wondering whether a subwoofer would flesh things out even better down below despite the Summits' marvelous tight bass. My listening room is about 15 ft. x 26ft. If the answer is yes, any suggestions which subwoofer? A Depth? Audio Physic? I'm in France so it's easier and cheaper to buy euro brands?
I use a single Depth w/ my ML CLSs and it's amazing in all ways. Seamless and fast, organ music is real again. It's better (faster) than he Descent too, a conclusion shared by many people now.

However, I've heard the Summits, and I honestly can't imagine improving on their bass performance -- they really get down there, and with the same kind of refinemant as the Depth, and possibly a little more power too. If you are using your Summits with a HT capable system, you might want a sub w/ a 15" driver for room-shaking soundtrack effects (which I'll bet the Summits can do too) but definitely not for 2 channel.

Just as an aside in case you're amp shopping: With the earlier ML hybrids, you had to use a ss amp if you wanted good bass, and accept the way the stat panel sounded (a little edgy) or bi-amp, and using a tube amp for the panel. With the Summits, you can forget about needing a ss amp or bi-amping (since they have their own ss amp for the bass) and drive them with a really nice tube amp
You need an equalizer to boost the bass output for low level listening., but I strongly suggest you let the speakers fully break-in and keep them for more than 3 weeks before making up your mind.
I assume that you have played with the 25 and 50Hz level controls on the Summits. Once placed right, broken in and dialed in they should be sufficient by themselves. A pair of Depths or Descents could take a little stress off of teh Summit woofers but the 4x1000 watt amplifiers shouldnt need any help. Heck, borrow a good sub and see if it is to your liking.

Good luck!
The Descent SMOKES the Depth in terms of speed, tonal accuracy, extension, and weight. I should know, I've owned both. The Descent has a way of blending with speakers that the Depth couldn't dream of. If your read some of the reviews on the Depth, you will see this hinted at. If you can afford it, the Descent is CLEARLY superior.

Thanks to all. Very helpful.