Sub woofer that excels at the mid bass wanted


Anyone here at audiogon knows of a sub brand or model that excels at the mid bass area? say 50hz to 90hz

I'm running Rega RS1 speakers as my mains currently. I'm looking to reinforce the mid bass attack, but it can't be boomy or sloopy with the Regas, the Regas are quick and tight.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Note:I don't want bigger mains to be able to take up the slack in this area....rooms to small, furniture considerations and etc.... AND I LOVE THE RS1's!!
I would think that "mid bass" and "subwoofer" sort of go against each other. I would suggest looking for a subwoofer with a smaller driver, probably an 8 inch. I would think that a quality subwoofer would handle 90 hz just fine as that's fairly close to where home theater speakers are often crossed over.

Do you know who makes an excellent sub with an 8" driver?
OK, I'm looking at the REL T2....maybe I can hear it somewhere...
I'm using a Velodyne Optimum 8 and crossing over at 100hz. Works very well for me.
Rega Vulcan sub (no longer made) is pretty good match in a small room.. very very long throw 8" woofer in sealed enclosure.. very musical sub. (I have one)
I have a pair of Rega R-1's and have used them also with the REL R-538, which I just bought... the REL is much much bigger and 'badder' than the Rega Vulcan but it can be tamed nicely and I could dial in a very exacting match to compliment any of my mini-monitors I choose to use with it, and the Rega R-1 sounds really really nice with this REL.. or vice versa... The REL augmentation makes the Rega R-1 sound much bigger!
HSU Research makes the MBM-12 MK2 Mid-bass Module with a frequency response of 50 - 150Hz. Not expensive either.
You might consider the Focal Dome subwoofer that retails for about $895. My local dealer offered me at point for $500 and sent it home for a demo. It really sounded great, but didn't pack the punch that I wanted for home theater. It's designed to go with the small Dome speakers and is rated to 200 Hz. It has variable cross over from 50 to 200 Hz. Should be a perfect fit other than the price is a little steep.
IMHO, this is the range where subs do their best work, smoothing the room induced impact on FR. As you go really deep in pitch (say <35hz), a good sub will be outperform almost any integrated woofer, but (again, IMHO) this has less impact on the end result - due to the lack of info in this range on most source material. A sub may provide audible improvement way down there, but the "clean up" over 50hz can be truly dramatic.

I use 12" Rythmiks. Remember that a kick drum fundamental is usually >50hz. You shouldn't worry about small drivers at 100hz. The key is carefully matching level, slope, phase, etc at the x-over point. A good sub controller (Velodyne SMS-1, etc.) will make this vastly easier.

Good Luck,

Rel T2 or T3 subs, or the awesome Definitive Technology Supercube III (unbelievable bass from a tiny cube, very quick).
You might consider the Art of Sound Raptor subwoofer. I am running with the crossover at 100Hz with great success.
Thanks for all the suggestions, I will look into them all.