Sub woofer power cable?

I need power cables for my two REL Storm III subs. What I have in mine are either Signal Cable, Cullen or Pangea. What I'd like to achieve is the deepest bass possible, but it must be tight. However, I don't want tightness at the expense of fullness. What are your suggestions? In advance, thank you!
IMHO, power cables aren't going to give you what you are looking for. I'd try room placement....and it's free.
I stuck a large power cable on my REL sub along with PS Audio Power Port plugs for it and the main system (the sub needs its own plug since it's not near the other gear). Not sure the sound of anything got better, but it made me feel better about the AC. Bass "tightness" usually really means less overhang or lingering room sound.
I have tested many powercables on subwoofers. I had the best results with Purist Audio Design powercables.
You have already upgraded the line-level signal cables for your RELs?
The best interconnect for a subwoofer is the Audioquest Wild
Dog. By far the best subwoofer interconnect I ever tested. It
is 100% silver and very thick. It is fast as a rocket and the
best dynamics you will find on the market.

read the review