Sub Woofer Cable to Mcintosh C220 Preamp

I am trying to hook a sub up to a line level output on my C220 with a standard "single RCA" sub cable. However, I have stereo female L and R RCA's on both the Sub and the Preamp. I tried to use a splitter on each end of the cable, to no avail. I also tried to use the single cable connecting the R female RCA's, no sound. Any ideas. I am new to this.

I know this sounds silly but,is the sub powered up?Also,knowing what sub you are using will help others help you.Your manual doesn't explain connections?Good luck.
Also, another silly question: is the output that the sub is hooked up to turned on - the front panel output button should be lit up.
The model number will help a lot, but, generally, subs sum the inputs they are given, so you only need one cable going into your sub. You can use an rca splitter from the pre-amp into a single cable in the sub, usually the white input. you could also use two rca cables, but that is a waste of cable since the sub will sum the left and right inputs anyway.

Also, make sure the sub is on. For example, sometime the active/passive switch is flipped to active to sense a signal, but the master on off switch is off. I make that comment because some sound should be coming from the sub, even if the connections are off.