Sub w/a CJ ET3 SE

What would be the best way to set up a subwoofer w/a Conrad Johnson ET3 SE. 
I am not sure about best way but I was using splitter at the o/p of ET3SE going to my SB13 ultra. There was no detectable loss in audio quality from speakers.
It all depends on what subwoofer you are using. There are many different ways to hook up a sub to a system. More info would help!
My current sub is a 14 year old Velodyne. Pretty much a johnny one note. Looking around I noticed Klipsch has wireless sub and REL can connect directly to an amplifier. Has anyone tried these connections. I just bought a pair of Aerial 5T's very sweet sound and the bass is pretty good but I want a little more punch at the bottom. A smaller sub would be preferable and in the $800 range.
Take a look at this SVS SB-1000. The owners manual will show you all the options for hooking up a sub. BTW,I think that the SB-1000 would be a good match with the 5T’s!
I have the same preamp on my second system and I use a splitter for the sub and it works great.
Yogiboy and ricpan thanks. My local dealer sells SVS and he may have that model on hand. 
I've got an CJ ET3, too
Velodyne F-1500, old one, but goody

I used a splitter adapter ( solid piece from audio quest & works well

bass is now seamless 

I better add a few notes.......

If you have a Johnny One note sub
Try DIRAC room software
If you have a "one note" room node, my guess is it will be the same unless new sub has frequency adjustments 

The Dirac & A cheap USB mic really is amazing what it can do

Amarra has a trial you can try 
all you need is a $65 USB mic and you can hear it yourself 

I know the frustration of " one note" bass

I was talking to my dealer yesterday and he also mentioned beside SVS and the Totem Kin the best option might be a Paradigm Monitor 8 or 10 sub w/a PBK kit. Any thoughts on this.