Sub Upgrade for Music and Home Theatre

I would like to get some advice on a subwoofer that I would be using for both Music and Home Theatre. The three subwoofers that I am currently considering are:
Talon Roc (Original)
Aerial Accoustics SW-12
Velodyne DD 12
I would be purchasing used and the main spkrs are Tyler Accoustics Linbrooks with outboard crossovers.
Any help in making this decision would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Rodney
The Aerial is VERY good and has great looks as well. The xover built in is very flexable and you can run a sub level in at the same time as a main front in so you can calibrate for both theater and music a little like REL does. The Velodyne is just loud but not very clean or fast and always sounds like a subwoofer. I call it the high end Cerwin Vega. I think you should look for REL as well. Anything at or above the B series but not the Q series. I think the REL is better than the Aerial but you can't go wrong either way.
None of the above. I would get a REL or Vandersteen
You might check into the Parts Express/Dayton Reference 12" subs with 1000 watt amps.I'm using a pair of their 10" Reference/aluminum woofers in my AV set-up.Great with music and LFE effects.Articulate,quick and detailed.The "high fidelity" series will be more to your liking than the "high output" woofers.
I second Sugarbrie on the REL. Also check out the Thiel SS2.
Take a look at Essex Audio SW-3. Very musical and plenty of power for movies.
One reason I like the REL's other than the performance, is because they have two sets of inputs and controls that can be used at the same time. You can set the subwoofer for music through the high filter and for HT through the low filter and forget it.
I recently purchased the 10" Dayton Titanic MK3 sub. I use the sub for music only. It's really amazing for the $$!! It plays loud & clean and is very fast and accurate. I team it up with a pair of Green Mountain Audio Europas. They compliment each other extremely well. The Europas do a really nice job on their own but I wanted that extra low end reinforcement which the Dayton effortlessly provides. For under $500.00, I paid $335.00 delivered, I highly recommend the 10" Mk3 by Dayton. I heard the 12" in very nice also. Jeff
the rel b3 is a great bet, if you don't want to spend that type of $$$ go with the vandersteen, both are very fast and produce realistic bass, not bloated in the least...
I use a Rel Strata 3 and it is great. However I purchased a Jeff Rowland Concerto integrated and cannot figure out how to get it set up. When I contacted Rowland they said to call Sumiko. And quess what Sumiko suggested after I contacted them-you guessed it, contact Rowland. Any suggestions out there?
no brainer vandersteen
Reliability issues with the DD series from Velodyne. I have DD-12 and DD-15. Both amps have been sent in for repairs. Service was rapid and reasonably priced......but still.
I'm a Rel fan - my Storm III is incredible for music, although I don't use it for home theater I can't imagine it's not equally outstanding., you need to use the high level cable connected to the speaker outputs of your amp. The Strata III manual says how to do it - it's straight forward, and much better than RCA interconnect to low level inputs. The only situation I can think of for using the RCA inputs is to connect to a pre-pro for LFE.