Sub to match with Aerial 10Ts

Looking for sub to match with my 10Ts. Need one that is fast for music explosive for home theater. Room size is 25 by 15 ones that Ive considered are Rel storm 111 ,Revel 15,Talon Roc. Please let me know what you think.
Take a look at the Art of Sound Subwoofers. I was already to go with a REL and then heard the Art if Sound Jazzmon and was blwn away. Seamless integration deep and fast. Would work great with a pair of 10T's adding some real depth and foundation without taking away frow their wonderful accuracy.
I always recommend REL as the best overall choice, but two comments: (1) due to the 10T's already-good bass, the Storm is not going to do as much as you might hope with the 10T's, you will probably need to ante up for at least the Stadium. There is a big difference in slam and extension as you move up the line. (2) As above, why not listen to Aerial's sub? This seems like the most obvious choice and it is a good unit.
Normally I'd say REL, but in this case I'd have to agree with NH_Fi and rec. the Aerial sub. It will blend best. Hope your room is big enough for deep bass.
Forget the REL and Talon ROC, go for the Wilson only costs $10k. Raid the kids college fund, they'll never know the difference.
Forget my earlier thread to forget the Rel and Talon ROC in favor the Wilson WatchDog...go buy the Krell Master Reference Subwoofer...400lbs and 400 watt amp for real bass sound. Use both kids college funds for this one.