Sub to match B&W Sig. 805

I'm using a HT system with sig. 805 fronts, htm 1, and n805 for surround. I am currently using a hsu vtf 2 but would like you input on other recs. I prefer smaller size as I'm in an apartment. Additionally, anyone familiar with the s805, what crossover freq. do you recommend??



B&W Signature 805
B&W Htm 1
B&W Nautilus 805
HSU vtf-2
Meridian 568
Meridian 508.24
Audioquest cables
A friend uses one of the Rel subs.
A buddy of mine uses N805 and the HTM-1 with Dual VSA VR-S/1 mini subs. They blend well with the B&Ws. He has all speakers set to small and his crossover is 80Hz. Sounds good in his room. For the record I own dual VSA VR-S/3 the big brother of the S/1s.
My friend is using his BW 805's with the Velodyne HGS12 sub. This combo sounds great especially on music. It really blends in nicely. I'll ask him what crossover frequency he's using.
james emb 1000 is small, looks great in piano black, tpv subwoofer of the year.

aloha keith