Sub sugestions for B&W CDM-9NT?


Would really appreciate any thoughts you may have regarding sub selection for B&W CDM-9NT, CDM-CNT, CDM-1NT, all of which are powered by a B&K AVR-305. Initially thought a matched B&W sub would make sense (ASW CDM, ASW 3000), but based on other threads here, that may not be the optimal solution. Seems Velodyne has a strong following for music and HT (HGS 12, 15, etc.). This is obviously a home theater system, but is also used for 2 channel. Room is 17'x15'.

Thanks in advance for your wise counsel.


If your looking for a HT sub go w/ the ASW CDM.
For music Rel's will blend nicely.
Dear Horn blower, Nice setup but I am bias since mine is similar. I have B&W 805's , B&K amps, and Theta electronics. A sub is a must have for great home theater movies and DVD music. I bought the Rel Stadium after trying all different models. I would buy it again. When it comes to dedicated 2 channel audio I think your better off with a single pair of full range speakers or your speakers and no sub at all. Even with the complex crossovers , time delay, and phase inverters built into the Theta processors I still felt that the N 805's sound best alone without a sub. One thing you can do is to move the speakers closer to the wall and this seems to help the bass. If that does not work well than a seperate pair of full range speakers is your best solution. In fact if you can swing it a dedicated 2 channel music only setup works best. Happy listening