Sub setup with parametric EQ'S?

I have read that parametric EQ's are very usefull in setting
up subs. I know that some subs have them built in.. but are
there any EQ's that can be added to achieve same results? I have a servo 15 and am thinking of adding another and hopefully be able to add EQ for them..

I would very much appreciate any info and suggestions..

There are a variety of parametric eq's that work well with Subs. Our PARC was designed for high end main speakers, but can be used for subs. In the summer we will release the PARC plus which is designed for use with HT set-ups including subs by adding 4 more channels of equalization. The whole concept of parametric eq for subs makes a lot of sense and a few companies already employ this technology into their subs. The better the sub the more likely it is to excite certain room modes, and the parametric eq can tune these out very effectively.
Parametric eq is effective to compensate mild bass boom but it will sound artificial if you make major adjustments to bring down high peaks. Also you cannot bring up bass suck outs. The best way to use parametric eq is to position the sub first for the flattest response and than make minor eq adjustments to bring down peaks.

Thanks for your response..

I read the manual for the PARC
on your website. It certainly sounds like it will do the
trick. My A/V room has a very unusual shape and is fairly
large so im guessing adding another sub and an EQ will
help. What does the 2ch PARC cost? And if you know yet
what will the 6ch cost?


Thanks for you response also. I have moved the sub into a
corner within the last week and i think it mucked up the
lowest freqs. It definetly increased output but it seems
a little muddy now. I will keep your advice in mind.

Thank you...