Sub recommendations for electrostatic speakers

Does anyone have some advice or recommendations for a sub that would blend well with soundlab m2 electrostatic speakers?
Hi I don't have sound labs --but just had my panels measured and they are almost flat to 40hz -4db at 30 and -5db at 25hz --and I use a pair of jl audio fathom 113--they are the best subs I have used with my stats so far -any ? feel free to email me --rich
ML descent,Maybe Dukes swarm subsystem would work. Pretty sure hes a soundlab dealer.
I can't respond directly to your speakers, but am using a Vandersteen 2Wq with my Magneplanar 1.6QRs and have been quite pleased with the result for a long time. This is somewhat of a classic combination as the Vandersteen uses three (3) eight inch woofers to "keep up" with the speed of the Maggies.

That said, you must know that the Vandersteen uses a fairly unique connection and crossover method. It requires you to have separate pre and power amps because a high pass filter is inserted in between them--this rolls off the low bass signal reaching your power amp, starting at 80 hz. The benefit here is that your power amp works less hard because it's no longer powering the lowest octaves.

The sub itself is connected to your speaker binding posts at the power amp. From this it "sees" the same signal being sent to the loudspeakers (but doesn't draw any power from the amp). By using the signal that's going to the speakers and then applying a "reversed curve" to reconstitute the roll off below 80 hz, theoretically, you end with excellent integration between the sub and speakers. Practically speaking, it works for me! Please keep in mind that sub placement is still an important element of the entire integration schema. At any rate, I've been happy with this combo for the last nine years.
thanks guys for some early feedback.
My dad is buying the new Aesthetix Atlas amp which has been submitted to the makor rags for review, he owns Vandersteen speakers and I mention this amp because with input from Richard V the filters are built into this amp. Its a bit pricey but man this amp sounds awesome, easily besting much more expensive amps I have heard and respect.
Check out TBI Magellin VIII, blends well with stats.