Sub Recommendation

Gots a pair of Focal 926s on my main system and considering adding a Sub. I have an older Velodyne Micro V on my HT system and thought about rolling it in but I think I want to keep a sub on my HT. LD has a sale on REL HT subs so thought I could take advantage of that and put an REL on HT and move velodyne to main system. But I really care about the main more than the HT so I  would like a good fit for the 926s. The REL webconfigurater suggests the REL T/9 (not on sale) for a match with the 926s. So maybe I should bite the bullet and get that and leave the MicroV in place?

Any guidance appreciated.



My strongest recommendation is to get two subs instead of one as two lesser subs will likely outperform one more expensive sub.  You can get pair of SVS SB1000 Pro subs for $1150 that get down to an honest 20Hz and will outperform a single sub at a much higher price IMHO.  SVS offers a true risk-free trial period that makes trying them at home a no brainer.  Anyway, FWIW, and best of luck.