Sub Pairing With Harbeth 40.3 XDs

Hello all - was wondering if anyone can recommend a sub pairing that is commensurate with my Harbeth 40.3 XDs ...? I love it loud. Looking for tight , punchy thump from the kick drum that sounds like arena PA ...🥳 

my system : 

Manley Snappers , Manley Jumbo Shrimp Pre


Some of these Subs like the REL S/812 seemed kinda Emminence $250 speaker in a shiny powered cabinet doesn’t seem worth $3200?




Installing subwoofers requires an even frequency response with limited decay to get tight bass. Multiple subs and feature sets included is subs are other tools to make this happen. With my limited experience I would suggest a larger subwoofer like the s812 or larger. I had an S510 with 15" main speaker woofers. While it was fine, it did not match the 'presence' and output of my speakers as well as my larger subs. 



Sorry to interrupt but I am curious in what way is the S510 better than the T9. Room setup was the same for both models?

I agree that dynamic kick drum thump is doable without a sub (kick drums don’t go that low).

I was able to achieve this without subs by fixing the room and repositioning the rack on the side wall...nothing between the speakers but carpet. I also had a fantastic room at the time.

It’s not just the bass that hits hard, everything else comes into focus as well. I was able to achieve this with Salk Songtowers with 5" woofers. I no longer needed or wanted a sub. Funny thing is that I was not looking to improve bass...just trying to see what moving speakers to the other side of the room would do to imaging/clarity.

I would add the sub after you figure out optimum placement and room dynamics. I did it without software but it was a lot of trial and error over the span of a year.

The Tannoy 10" woofers in my current room could not touch the bass of the Songtowers 5" woofers in the old room.

Bowers & Wilkins DB4S Powered subwoofer


Try a pair of these on for size with your Harbeth 40.3's...Dude, your sound will jump to the next level.