Sub options with purely music in mind.

Question, dual JL Audio F112s, or single Velodyne DD18+ ? Any thoughts?

I have a Wisdom SCS sub that I use for 2 channel audio only.  The experts all tell me that this is a top contender in the subwoofer for 2 channel audio, and my experience with this particular sub in my system is great.  It is also quite thin, and can be possibly hidden behind something in your room, so that can be a plus as well.  The price is about right as well, compared to your list above, so I would at a minimum add the Wisdom SCS sub to your short list, and do a little research.  Good Luck!

they are VERY different with multiple drivers .... Convinced me enough to buy one.

googke the reviews (they make two different models - a HT model and a pure audio one) .... Both are great but it looks like you are looking at the latter Y/N?

See background reading article

Second the Vandersteen (full disclosure, I'm currently selling a 2Wq but ONLY because I replaced with Vandersteen 5s which have built-in subs). You do need to have separate pre- and power-amplification in order to place the crossover between the two, but this sub is built specifically for speed and tunefulness.  You can tune the Q (hence the "q" in the model designator) for your space and taste.  These subs just get it right--used mine in conjunction with Magnepan 1.6QRs and it was a killer combo.
I am currently using a single JL F112. I have until June to get full purchase price (3,150) on a trade up to a Velodyne DD+18. Listed at $5,800. So I'm looking at around $2,700 to upgrade, or can pick up another used JL F112 for around $1,500-1,700. I have read many benefits of the use of two subs. Wondering if anyone has any experience with the DD+ series, or going from one, to two subs in the same room. Thanks

A few months ago I was ready to place my order for a pair of JL Audio F112V2's and instead ordered a pair of F113V2's, given the size of my listening room.  In the end, I probably would have done just as well with the F112V2's (and saved a bit of cash).

I used to have a single Velodyne DD12, which worked well for me for several years, in a smaller listening room.

I must say, I think the JL Audio subs just seem to have more "detail".  Also, upgrading from one to a pair has been worth the expense, as I have all digital source, and experience the visceral benefits of having bass come from one channel, when the instruments are positioned that way (like a symphony orchestra).

I always thought the Velodyne's were great subs, and they are, but the JL Audio's seem to be a cut above.
ejr1953, Thank you. I was kinda leaning toward the dual sub option, but my dealer insists I would be happier with the one 18. Of course he doesn't make anything if I pick up a second hand partner to my F112. I have the V1 model, have you had any chance to compare the difference between that, and the new version? Thanks.