Sub Opinions, Velodyne HGS 12, Entec LF-20, Von Sc

Hi, anyone ever hear these 3 subs. Velodyne HGS 12, Entec LF-20 or the Von Schweikert S-3 Subwoofer. They all use 12 inch woofers.
Try sunfire or HSU
entecs use 10". i just sold my pair, and am sorry i did. they were wonderful.

the HSU is home theatre, decent for music, but not in the same class as entec or audio physics rhea.

velodyne/VS: i'd listen to them as a gift, but wouldn't buy them...
Twilo, what are you planning to use the sub for, music, HT or both? I was looking for a sub to accommodate both and just finalized a deal on a Talon Roc 2002.
I have auditioned the velodyne and believe the Entec LF-20 wins
hands down for music and holds its own with movies. I need to find a new cable to connect the woofer with the controler. Any ideas on where I can find one? Can I put new cable on the old four pin connecters? No one in Denver has been able to give me
any help. I bought this sub used and know very little about it.
I do know that it is great however.

Rhyno, I'm curious to learn, how much listening time you've had with the Von Schweikert S/3 sub?

EAD used the S/3 at there CES exhibit 2 shows ago to great effect,,, for both music and video. The reviews were exceptional.

I'd wager you've spent no more than 15 minutes with the S/3,, and then,, you probably had your mind made up before you sat down for a listen. I'm also curious to learn where you auditioned the S/3 since Houston has only one VS dealer,,, and as I recall, you listened to the VS HT array, incl the S/3 just a few minutes, before auditioning my VR5 HSE's in 2 channel.

Your response above concerning the Von Schweikert S/3 subwoofer should not be taken as serious and experienced audiophile feedback. The S/3 sub is superb IMHO and I've lived happily with mine over the last 2 years.

I'd suggest, if you are in the hunt for a sub, listen to the S/3's yourself. Von Schweikert has a 90 day "if not satisfied" return policy on their products. You've got nothing to lose! A new smaller VS sub will be launched soon,,, smaller package 12"x12"x12" with a 10" downfiring woofer in a beautifully finished enclosure. Much less expensive than the S/3, it offers terrific value at it price point.