Sub Not Waking Up

I have a Yamaha CX5100 Receiver and two Sunfire HRS8 subs.  I moved my equipment around in my cabinet, got a new am to power my R/L, and new R/L speakers.  I am still using the same center, rear, and 7.1 channel amp to power the others.  

My problem is my subs will not turn on.  I ran the Yamaha YPAO and sound came from them and it configured them at 2.5.  But after they will not work.  I think they are going in standby and not getting a signal to turn on but for the life of me I cannot figure out why.  

I have another Velodyne sub in another room and it works fine and the Sunfires work fine in the other system.  It is just the sunfires with the Yamaha.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I'm not familiar with that particular receiver or those subs, but with most receivers, there are ways to activate or deactivate the subs and also the listening mode you've selected may affect whether the subs are active or not.  Double check all that.  Worst case, just leave the subs turned on.

"I rewired them using the speaker level inputs coming straight from the amp."

Try using a regular subwoofer cable and see if they are triggered then.
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