sub hookup question

I want to hook up a sub to a rega brio r but I want to use the pre amp on the rega, not connecting it through the speakers. Do I need a patch cord or something to do this? thanks for your help.
From the Preamp outs on the integrated amp plugged to the subwoofer L-R inputs via quality RCA interconnects.

I had a long custom pair made up for me by buying the quality low impedance cable with Neutrik Profi RCA connectors.

In my case these were REGA Couple IC clones .... Same KLOTZ cable bought from a distributor direct in Germany and the Neutrik RCA connectors (2 pairs) from the ads on Ebay

Highly recommended.
The Rega Brio R does NOT have preamp outputs. It does have a "record out", but that is not controlled with the volume control. It's a fixed output.

You could still use it, but would have to match the sub level with the Brio's volume control each time. If you purchased a sub with a remote that controls volume, that would be easier, but still would need to be matched each time.

Seems to me the best way with your setup is to use the speaker level for hook up.
so if I used the record out ,I would just have to control the volume from the sub each time? My problem is that my speakers are bi-wired so I dont know how I would hook up a sub using the speakers.
"So if I used the record out ,I would just have to control the volume from the sub each time?"

Yes. You would have to use the volume on the Brio R to the speakers, then match the sub's volume to that. So you would be using (2) volume controls in that scenario.

Just run another set of speaker cables from the Brio R to the subwoofer, not from the speakers to the sub, but from the Rega to the sub.

Depending on the sub, if the sub has both speaker level inputs and outputs, you could run the Rega into the sub, then run your current bi-wire cables from the sub back out to the speakers.
A friend just bought an REL and it has exactly what you are looking for. It taps off of the speaker outputs with 2 tiny wires. No extra outputs needed, no external/sub crossover. If you can afford it, check it out!
you might want to look into acquiring a Rega Mira 3, which has more wattage and the variable outputs useable with a subwoofer.
I cant run speaker cables from the amp-- they are taken up by the bi-wired speaker cable
"I can't run speaker cables from the amp-- they are
taken up by the bi-wired speaker cable."

You just parallel another set in with what you have now.
That's how you usually do it. It won't hurt anything as
long as you don't have any stray/frayed wires that could
touch each other.

If you are using banana plugs with your bi-wire set, use
spades with the sub wires. If you are using spades with
your bi-wire set, use bananas with the sub wires.
im using banana plugs now- are you sure there is enough room to squeeze spades into it? Am I missing something here- using what I have now there is no way I ccan fit spades into where the banana plugs are now. Sorry if I dont understand- never used a sub before
The Rega Brio R has 5-way binding posts. Turn the unit off,
(actually unplug the unit from the AC power), unplug the
bananas and unscrew the red and black speaker terminals a
little. The spades fit under the plastic nuts between the
nuts and the binding post itself. Tighten the spades down
and plug the bananas back in. Easy peasy...
ok- will try that- thanks so much.
Because the REl is connected through the main amp out puts the Amp dosen't see the all is well :-)