Sub for Totem Arros

Looking to add some low end to my totem arros. Looking at dreamcatcher or storm. Anyone have experience with these subs?? Other ideas??
Hello - I would recommend the new Vandersteen 2Wq to anybody. Check out the unique design - crossover between amp and pre-amp with impedance matching. This sub will take all the stress off your "low to moderate power tube amp" - 80 hertz down, allowing it to produce unhindered mids and highs - the 3, 8" drivers and 300 watt amp in the sub will take care of the rest. Have fun!
As long as you can adjust the EQ to the room and the low pass filter to your speakers there are many to choose from. I chose Velodyne.
I love the Vandy 2Wqs also, and I own a pair. However, your mains must be fairly flat to 40Hz to work with this model. I am not sure that is the case with the Arros. You risk having a dip in the response between 40 and 80Hz.

As an alternative, you could use Vandersteen's V2W sub. Also, my brother has a HT system using Totems (either Arrows or Hawks, not sure), and he has a pair of the James subs (the smallest model with 10" drivers). Seems to be a nice pairing.