Sub For Martin Logan Aeon's

Im about to audition the Martin Logan Aeon speakers in my home and I'm aware that a sub will be required if I want to use these speakers for music of all kinds and theater. I'm concerned that the subs out there will not be fast enought to keep up with the MLs. Please give me your recommendations or experiences with sub matching. PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS ISSUE.

My experience is limited to reading about the newest ML sub in an Absolute Sound issue. Writer said it was an excellent sub, though expensive, around $2700.
I also highly recommend the REL subs, from personal experience, they match well with most any speaker, especially full range ones, These subs are extremely fast, no boominess, and have many options for setup/tuning.
I purchased Martin-Logan Descent for My SL'3. A beautiful match!! They came out with a smaller version just recently called the Depth. Go to their website for additional info. Martin Logan's subs are especially made for their fast acting Electrostatic speakers.
I have a pair of Velodyne HGS 12 II's setup with my ML ReQuests in my HT. I find them to be an excellent addition to the MLs. I run the MLs with a Krell amp (5x100w) and the crossover is controlled by a Lexicon MC-12 set at 80 Hz for both the Velodynes and the ReQuests. I have the LCR MLs all powered through a PS Audio P300 powerlpant which gave me a significant improvement in staging, depth and openness. If you can, try one out on your front end and your ML speakers.
My LCR are Odyssy/Cinema, I previously had Aerius i's/Cinema. The original sub was an HGS-10, which is pretty good but nowhere near the ability of the Descent. With the Odysseys, the Descent makes a big difference - right where bass guitars are usually heard. I was amazed to listen to the Odysseys by themselves and not really think that a sub was necessary. Then I played them with a Descent and was sold almost on the spot. They say that ML hybrids are not seamless, and perhaps they aren't, but they sound great to me, and the Descent fits with these as well as their own cones, if not better.

I can't tell you that I went and auditioned a ton of other subs. I've heard the HGS-18, which is excellent, but I didn't hear it with the ML's. I did hear an Aerial sub, which is a great sub and REALLY worked well with some other speakers - but let's just say it didn't mate well with either the Odyssey or the Prodigy.
I forgot to add that the HGS-10 blended well with the Aerius i's, but the Descent just blows the HGS-10 into the weeds in terms of authority, depth and even tightness. Oddly, they seem to have blended about as well - not what you'd expect.

Remember that I am cmoparing the HGS-10 to the Descent not because I think they are comparable in the market, but because I own them both and can play them alternately. (The HGS-10 normally lives in my office with the old B&K system and my ProAc Tablette 50's.)
I use a ML Depth with my SL3. It replace a 12 inch Velodyne F-series. I found the Velodyne to be boomy and drew way to much attention to itself. The depth will as low as the Velodyne and play louder, but it's seamless, tight, and very fast. My dealer told me that the only difference between the Depth and the Descent is 3db of output and $1000.00. I would recommend either of the ML subs or perhaps a REL. I have never owned a REL, but a friend uses one with Maggies. I'm not sure which model it is, but it is very good as well.
Martin Logan Depth is the one to get. I think around $1700. I have M/L Odyssey's and have never heard anything work with them better. That includes all Velodyne, MK, Rel,Sunfire Etc.....
The Depth uses three 8 inch woofers and has a 300 watt amp peaking to 400 watts. The Descent has three 10 inch aluminum woofers and a 400 watt amp peaking to 800!!The Descent is a larger cabinet. Martin-Logan recommends the Depth if using more than one for home theater otherwise the Descent is the preference. Steve
Actually the depth is 350W, 500 Peak.

For a 3x8 it is incredible. But I agree the extra 1000 isn't for just 3db. The 10's are much fuller.
The website states the Depth is 300 watts peaking to 500.