sub for Dynaudio Audience 42

Has anyone had the chance to pair the Dynaudio Audience 42s with any subs in their system? Just picked up a pair and I love them but, I'm thinking that I will eventually want to find a nice sub to help them out in the lower end :)

I have a very basic/entry level set up, a Rotel CD and Rotel Receiver in a small room but, eventually thinking about home theater too.

JL fathom 10s maybe?
We often have our customers mate the Dynaudio monitors with the Dynaudio subs. The Sub250 or 300 would be what I would recommend.

The Dyn subs do not get the press like some others here, but they are scary good and flexible. My personal system has dual Sub500's with Dynaudio C1 monitors. I have no desire to try something else.

I'll second the Dynaudio Sub... I have a SUB250 which I use when watching movies in 2 channel with my Special 25's. "Scary good" is a nice way of putting it, Ttowntony. (The Sub250 blows away my Dali Sub with similar spec's...)
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I recently purchased a pair of Audience 52SE and my local dealer had a few Dynaudio Sub20 left in stock. I bought one new for $600 - listed for $1200. He has a cherry left and a few blacks if you want his contact number let me know. I was going to get the Sub 250 for $850 but went with the Audience line of sub.
There are high and low-pass filters on the sub, so you can limit the strain on your mains. You can dial in by ear or use a meter.
thanks all for the input! I'll see if the local shop has any Dynaudio subs to audition.

Hey Tsciame, have you had the chance to listen to the Audience 42s? I love my 42s so much that I'm considering the special twenty fives. I know that the specials cost 5 to 6 times more but, was wondering what your thoughts were. I'm going to try and audition some this weekend if I have the time.

I haven’t heard the Audience 42 but a lot of people really enjoyed that line. I’ve only owned speakers from Dynaudio’s Contour line. And based upon your current setup I don’t think you would enjoy the Special 25... You need big amps to drive them and they are very revealing. (i.e. your sources will all need upgrading...)

If I were you, I would look at upgrading the speaker cables first. Try to buy a used pair of Harmonic Technology’s Pro 11’s. They mate very well the Dyn’s and will reveal everything the Rotel is out putting. From there I would start looking at upgrading the Rotel receiver. If it has preamp outputs, you can keep the receiver and use it as a preamp. Look into buying the best quality Solid State power amp you can afford. And then someday upgrade the preamp to something tubed... then go for the sources. Oh what fun!!!

You’ll love the journey and enjoy the sound. Let me know if you get to hear the 25's... they do allot very well.

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Thanks Tony! Any suggestions on what Amps pair well with Dynaudios?

And another thanks to Bob who is always very helpful!
The Rotel CD players are pretty good little players. The Rotel receivers aren't bad either, but like so many other receivers on the market, the amplification gets the short end of the stick. Plus, Rotel does not have a neutral sound, it can be characterized as being somewhat dry imho. Still, better than a lot of others out there, though.

If I were to recommend a separate amp for the 42's, I would probably direct you to the Parasound Halo A23, it is a fabulous little amplifier that will drive the 42's wonderfully. We've been using the Parasound Halo's with the Dyn's for years now and when on a limited budget, I cannot recommend anything that would outperform the Halo's.

I’m a big fan of McIntosh amps with Dyn’s but it depends on what your needs are. A good friend drives Contour 2.8’s with tube amps (QuickSilver Silver 60’s), but he lives in a modest uptown apartment and isn’t playing at eviction levels.

As I said I’m partial to the Mac stuff... if you are on a budget try picking up a MC7270 or the MC2255… They are classic Mac amps with big power and autoformers. Currently I use the MC402 and a MC352.

Do a search. There is a Dynaudio dealer that has some very good, yet affordable seggestions of amps that pair well with the Dyn’s. But once again it all comes down to what your needs are.

Good luck