Sub for Aerial 10Ts

Looking for a sub for the 10Ts room size is 25 by 18. Want something that will wow me. amp is sim audio titan. Would like to here from 10T owners. The sub would be mostly for home theater. Price is not an issue thanks Ht steve
Why not the Aerial SW12? I have Aerial LR5s and CC5 with two SW12s. They integrate perfectly and while there are quite a few good subs on the market I think you would be hard pressed to find better.

I'll second Ken's reply. Aerial's SW 12 would be the way to go. A pair would be better. I've got 10t's and a similar sized room, I'm happy without a sub, however I have a Infinity IRS Betas as well as the 10t's, and the Beta woofers integrate with the 10t as well, and I use them now and then. Good luck!

Owner of 10Ts, CC5, 2 SW-12, as Nike likes to mention, JUST DO IT!

They do integrate very well with the 10Ts, and truthfully, equally as well with the Dunlavy SC-IV. A great sub for those!!

The SW12 is excellent, if that is in your price range. It wasn't in mine.

I own the 10T's and have a Triad Platinum 18 inch sub that is used for 95% music and 5% movies in 2-channel.

As you probably know, the 10T's are excellent in the bass regions and are definitely a full range speaker.

The Triad dialed in at the lowest crossover setting, and low volume setting simply reproduces the lowest octave without problems.

I found it to be near as musical as Bag End's Infrusub 18" inch sub but the Triad has a few more dial-in capabilities.

Thanks for the quick reply. It was a toss up between the Aerial or Revel sub which I heard was also a good match. Bemmer I heard the ML 33H With the Aerials It was awsome a little out of my price range that why I went with Sim Titan What do you think . It sound good but nothing like the ML33 Is there another ML that would give me good results. I also have a Sony 7700 DVD player Was thinking of upgrading to 9000es DVD or should I keep the 7700 and go with a bat CD player since I listen to music 90 percent of the time Thanks
I have a REL sub that I preferred over many other subs i auditioned. For strictly music listening, I preferred the cleaner sound (faster, smoother) of the smaller woofers (10") over the larger (12"+) models. Also, REL subs produce an awesome smooth low end (down to 10hz in some models) while using these smaller drivers. REL subs are highly rated for both music and home theater applications. It is the only sub that I know of that allows both LFE and high/low level connections at the same time, with seperate gain controls for each input. I also like their "ABC" circuitry that allows you to finely tune the sub to both the room and the main speakers. The Revel is also an excellent sub.
Also, i would not purchase a sony dvd/sacd/cd player combo player if you are listening to cd's most of the time. Buy the best cd only player you can afford and you will be better off. I have a sony 9000es player for my home theater setup and use it for sacd and dvd use only, i do not like the sound of cd's thru it as well as the Classe cd only player i have in my music setup. I demoed quite a few SACD/cd (from the cheaper Sony players to the $7500 Marantz) combo players before i purchased the cd only player and I liked the better cd only players (Classe, Arcam, Naim, Meridian, etc..) over the combo players.
Good luck.

I understand about the 33H being a little out of reach, it was for me as well, fortunately it was a friend selling and price and terms were favorable! I've heard nothing but good about the Sim Titan if you are happy that's where it is at. As to CD players, I just sold a Sonic Frontiers SFD2 MKII tube dac, and currently I have a Sony 9000ES dvd/cd/sacd, the 777ES SACD/CD player and a BAT VKD5SE.
When all is said and done for redbook, it's the bat. The 777 Sony doesn't give up much though, and the 9000 is there for the DVD's, although the 9000 is the best bang for the buck I've ever come across.

Good luck,

with proper speaker placement and equalization settings, you will be wowed with the SW12...I only have one with my 10T's...two would be quite something
The best sub I ever heard is Linn's Seismik. I throw it our there for consideration, but I would add to the chorus that the Aerial sub is quite something. I drive my 10T's with a Sim amp (no sub), and I can hardly imagine the visceral grunt of 10T's on a Titan, plus a major sub. I hope your room is concrete!
Since you want the subs for HT I recommend the cylindrical subs from SVS. They play very loud and very cleanly. No boominess at all. And, they don't cost an arm and a leg. They aren't the subs I would recommend for integrating with Maggies, for example, but for HT they are the best bang for the buck I know of. I have had one for about 1.5 years and couldn't be happier. I only use it for movies. My Soliloquy 6.5s are full range like your 10Ts and I continue to use them full range during movies. I only route the LFE channel to the sub.

You've got to hear the SVS on U-571. The depth charges will shake your chair. In my previous house my listening room was 22'x26' with 14' cathedral ceilings. One 39CS, their middle size which is tuned to 20Hz, was enough to shake the floor in that room. I once tried to see if I could hear any break-up by using the Bass Mechanic CD and increasing the volume while playing 20 to 40Hz notes. I gave out before the sub did. I couldn't stand it, it was so loud. There was a brick fireplace in the room that was flanked by drywall. The sub was causing the brick to rub against the drywall making some pretty scary noises. I must have excited the resonant frequency of the chimney!

They have a 45-day money back guarantee, not including shipping, so you don't have much to lose by trying them. Their web site is I have no affiliation with SVS, I'm just a very satisfied customer. I can't get over the amount of performance you can get from them for $500. If you want more opinions on these subs go to and ask around. You'll find a bunch more SVS fanatics like I am.
Nighthawk, That sounds like a pretty good sub since I will only use it for HT and the price can not be beat. Hell at that price I could get 2 of them and still have enough to by the Bat cd player that Bemmer mentioned. which digital cable are you using Im using the Nordost silver shadow right now Thanks for all your replies it really helps
Htsteve, I'm just using a generic toslink cable. I know its hard to believe but I thought it sounded better than the coaxials I tried. Probably a quirk of the 5800.

You mentioned getting two subs..well if you want to take it to extremes you've got to beat a guy on HT forum (Frank something I believe) that has, get this.., 8 of them in his basement! Now there's a bass freak.

If price is no issue, the SW12 would be a natural choice. However, I chose a Velodyne FSR-15 subwoofer. It works well with the 10Ts. It is both very musical and has more than enough pezzaz for James Bond movies (in my 14' x 23' room). It also cost $1075, delivered to my door, which wouldn't have been enough to rent the SW12, let alone, buy it :-).
The Aerial sub is my personal favorite. Should be the perfect compliment to your 10Ts!