Sub DIY vs mass produced?

Is there anything that makes a mass produced sub better then something I could make myself? I want to add a pair of subs to my ht room & I would like to go with pair of 12's. I have a extra adcom gfa-5500 that I was going to use to power the speakers & possibly buy another gfa-5500. I was planning on using Image Dynamics IDQ12's for the speakers in a 4cu ft box tuned to about 20hz (that's what someone suggested I do).

IS there a reason a store bought mass produced sub would work better like a velodyne, JL or whatever?????

What crossover? Most HT?LFE subs come in about 100-120Hz.Will you be able to adjust their output to match the system,or will you be able to adjust via a processor/DVD with variable level?
I have had excellent results using the Dayton Reference drivers (HF,haven't played woth the HO versions).
If you want to beat or at least equal everything out there then you need one of these drivers.
I am going to try a paradigm x-30 for now. I was told to get a outlaw x-over (icbm1 or something like that) but I couldn't find one. So I am going to try the paradim x-over & I will see how it works.

& yea, mostly HT.... but if I can get it to blend properly for music I would use it along with my infinity kappa 8.1 vII's. So I want it to be very musical....

My girlfriend is actually moving in & we are combining our stereo's. Her receiver is about 8years newer then mine (I have a old Denon AVR-3000 & she has a yamaha something.... made is 1999 I beleive) & has sub volume controlls. She has 2 mirage 8 in powered subs & I think they sound horrible... boomy & no low end. I do plan on updating the receiver to something new withing a year or so (I want a processor but time will tell).... when that happends I might try to find one with a internal x-over but I am a ways from that.
Damn, Shadorne, this one FINE woof woof. 80 lbs. - whoa! $1800, WHOA! Looks like it's worth it, though...

Viggen, whne you get ready to replace that receiver, go take a look at the Emotiva UMC-1 or XMC-1 pre-processors. Killer units for not much money. And their matching amps, XPA-5, UPA-7, etc. are quite the bargain, too. You could put together a smokin' surround sound system (electronics only) for right around $1200 - $1800.

Good luck!

yea... those sub specs were definantly impressive!!!! But it better be for what they are charging.... OUCH :)

I will try to remember emotiva... I was considering sunfire (read lots of great stuff about them) & a few others..... probably used.
If the receiver has a subwoofer output (RCA out) then you already have a built-in crossover and don't to need to buy another -- unless you are not satisfied with the sound quality, and want to move up to a newer preamp-processor. Anything (receiver or pre-pro) with a dedicated subwoofer output will have a subwoofer level adjustment among the volume controls, so you don't need that feature in the sub itself, nor do you need to buy a separate crossover. has a whole section devoted to DIY subwoofers. I would not spend megabucks on an 80 pound driver -- those are mainly just for bragging rights, or subwoofer envy if you will.

I bought a "New Larger Subwoofer" kit from and have been very happy with it. I don't know if they still sell them as kits or not. It has a 12 inch driver, a 15 inch driver, and a 15 inch passive radiator in one big cabinet, which I disguised as a pedestal for a sculpture. You could also disguise it as a coffee table. My only complaint is that the subwoofer causes nearby plastic objects like my computer tower to rattle loudly during heavy sound effects, which is not the subwoofer's fault. I power my subwoofer with an Adcom GFA-555, the predecessor of the 5500. It works great.

Have fun and give us a followup.
hmmm... I assumed her receiver didn't have one & that the sub itself had the x-over. I beleive her receiver does have rca outputs... but I will need to go look I guess... thanks!

I definantly cannot swing that for a sub... let alone the amp to power it :) The subs I am looking at are under $300 ea, just trying to make sure the box size I was told is correct. I will check out DIYaudio....
I get the picture You want to get your hands on her receiver.

Damn, Shadorne, this one FINE woof woof. 80 lbs. - whoa! $1800, WHOA! Looks like it's worth it, though...

Yes...unfortunately, if you really really want to zig-a-zig-ahh with extremely high quality sound reproduction then, for an equivalent sum of money, it is better to pay for high quality high performance drivers rather than the exotic woodworking and stunning finishes that you typically find on the high end showroom floor....(Viggen is wise to be wary of what is out there if he simply wants sound quality)
If you're goung to use the LFE output on the receiver,check out the D-sub kit.15" with 240W plate/amp at around $300 ea (
They offer the 12" Reference series with 500W PL/amp,which insorporates the parametric EQ (Mo money).
Been happy with the 240W units powering 12+15" woofers.They offer crossover,level and variable phase.