Sub Choice

Need your advice and council.
Need to make decision between a JL Audio F112 or the REL B3.
This is for a two channel system.
Anyone with experience with these subs ?
I have heard the B3 not the F112.
Looking to fill in a pair of Cremona Auditors
I had a REL Storm III and now have a JL Audio F113, so they are close to the B3 and F112. I use my sub to augment Wilson WP7's, so I only run them up to 30 Hz, mainly to pressurize the room. That being said, the F113 is much more powerful and has a much greater range of controls and adjustments, even including a microphone with a calibration cycle to add a notch filter to the largest room mode. If you ever want to hear 20 Hz bass that also feels like an earthquake, try this one. IMO the JL is a better sub for low bass impact and for the first time I can hear the pat of bass drum pedals and the pitch of the bass drum. Both subs are great at blending in and not calling attention to themselves--the only way you can tell it is on is to turn it off and then realize how much impact it was adding.
Thanks, that's just what I needed.