Sub? Can't Decide

Looking for a sub for a small room,approx.10x10.No vaulted ceiling or anything.I'm looking at a 8" for the small footprint,to keep the wife happy.Really aren't a good way to run a full 5.1 setup in this room,so I am using a Mythos SSA-42 soundbar instead. It will be used for 99% movies.I don't need to wake my neighbors.I know that a 8" won't rattle the walls,but to keep the wife happy,I'll compromise.I am looking at the following...

Outlaw Audio M8
Mirage Omni S8

Setup: Denon 1909 AVR
Mythos SSA-42
Sony BluRay
"not disturbe the neighbors".. any sub IS going to disturbe the neighbors unless it is turned off.
If you live in a condo with adjacent walls, or an apartment, the part which is the killer for complaints are low frequencies.
If you want peace with neighbors, skip the sub. In a 10' by 10' room it is just asking for trouble. First off you will hardly get any bass you can hear IN the room, yet WILL create a LOT of bass travelling THROUGH the walls into the rest of the building. It will suck.
Just my two cents as a lifetime apt dweller. ((our opinions and mielage may and will vary.))

One reason i love my Magnepan 3.6 is the LACK of bass going through walls. The bass meeting around the edge of the dipole cancels out pretty good at the wall boundary.
Yet manages to sound good at the seating position.
I love them. And I do not bother the other tenants.
I use to own a Hsu and thought it was a very good sub for the money. Don't know anything about the other two.
There is a Linn Akurate 221 8" sub on A'gon right now for $995. The retail on this is $3750. I have one in my living room and it is a fantastic sub for both music and movies. It's perfect for a moderate size room -- not big enough for a big room. If you turn the gain low enough, it will fill out your low end in a very subtle way without bugging the neighbors. If you want to spend less, there are some open-box specials on small REL subs on vanns dot com for good prices.
Looking back, I sure wish my apartment-life neighbors had been half as considerate as Elizabeth is! That said, with your Mythos soundbar rolling off at 60 Hz, I think it's clear you should try a small sub.

Mateored is right. Get it dialed in with right placement and crossover freq, then set gain to just above audible. Most of the time it won't be apparent, but will add a base of compression that enhances everything else.

I have Hsu subs and they work with my system (and a great company to deal with), but I'm betting that you'll need something like the high-level crossover and Neutrik connectors, as well as other features found on the small REL's. For instance, you may end up raising sub's lower rolloff freq. due to your 10 x 10 room dimension. Strongly suggest you go for the REL 8" T2 from vanns, etc. per Mateored.
M&K sk 10 8'' 150 watt sub on ebay for 212.00 plus 28.00 shipping. I bought 2 in may and they are great for the money. I offered 190.00 and got the price even though I bought them a few days apart. You'll be surprised how well they work, and they are new.
The Mirage MM8 is a fabulous compact sub in a 9" cube format. True, it won't rattle the walls, but it is so "quick" that it blends easily with speakers that don't go down too low, such as your soundbar. The MM8 is only good down to about 36 Hz, but that's better if you want decent bass without annoying the neighbors. At $799 the MM8 was competitive with quality compact powered subs, but now you can pick them up via buy-it-now on eBay for $239 with free shipping and a 30-day return period.

These subs are so compact and now so affordable. I recommend you buy two for $480. I have a pair of them for my 2-channel music system and they are *really* good at filling in that 35-100 Hz range. I bought them because there was no other sub combining that compactness, quality, and price to sneak into the istening room without having to rearrange gear or furniture.
I appreciate all the replies. I should re phrase when I said wake the neighbors. My nearest neighbor is around 150 feet away. Guess i was saying that I need a sub that would not rattle the walls apart. If that makes sense.I'll check out the recommendations.
The mm8 seems to have the same concept as the DefTech super cubes?
REL. perfect for me. See my system for details and other pieces.

07-17-12: Tech_junkie
The mm8 seems to have the same concept as the DefTech super cubes?
The Supercube 400 is the most like the MM8. Both have an 8" driver powered by a 1200 watt amp and vented by two 8" passive radiators. The Mirage is smaller as a 9" cube; the DefTech is more like a 12" cube and has a remote control. They have the same original list price, and a recent review in HT mag about the Def Tech indicates that it's a kick-ass sub for its size and price.

However, bear in mind that since the MM8 is on closeout you can get a pair of them for quite a bit less than a single DefTech 4000 and at 9" on a side they MM8s will fit into tiny spaces that normally couldn't be considered for a sub.

Either choice will give you what you're looking for. It just comes down to budget and whether a 12" cube is small enough vs. one or two 9" cubes.
I took a look at the MM8,but didnt't see any for $239?
You can get an eight inch psb for under $300, delivered to your door. Super musical subs, I'd go so far as to say amazing for the money.
...couldn't find any at $239
Sorry 'bout that. Things change quickly on eBay. However there's a BIN listing at $275 here. Not sure if this vendor has multiples at the BIN price. Prices went up a bit since I looked last week. Still a killer sub at $349-375.

Also available for $333.15 at Amazon w/Amazon Prime, which is free 2-day shipping if you subscribe. I get so much stuff from Amazon that the Prime subscription is easily worth it.
No problem. I have found it for 249.99 shipped with a 45 day return policy from another online store. My wife really likes the small footprint.

07-18-12: Tech_junkie
No problem. I have found it for 249.99 shipped with a 45 day return policy from another online store. My wife really likes the small footprint.
Just bear in mind that this sub can only take line level RCA inputs. It can either function as a mono or stereo sub.

This sub has very nice controls for integrating the sub(s) with your main speakers:

1: Crossover point continuously adjustable from 50-200 Hz, or with no low pass filter active at all.
2. Continuously adjustable phase from 0 to 360 degrees.
3. Continuously adjustable volume.

When you combine those three controls, you can match the subwoofer to your speaker's low end rolloff (crossover), position (phase), and sensitivity (volume).

The best part about their wife-friendly size--they are *really* good-sounding subwoofers. You'll both be pleased.