Sub cable: Syn R. v Tara L v Nord. v A.Metallurgy

I am trying to find a subwoofer cable that helps produce intricate, detailed, fast, and non-boomy bass for a home theater LFE application. The bass should also present an expansive sound stage.

My reference has always been Synergistic active sub cables, which certainly accomplishes the above. I have 4 lfe subs that go into an xlr splitter. The cables leaving the box to the subs are all Synergistic Research.

I now need a 1.5 meter cable that leaves my processor and connects to the splitter. As a more cost-effective alternative for this 1.5 meter cable, has anyone heard or compared the following subwoofer cables:

*Synergistic Research active sub cable vs....
*Tara Labs RSC Sub
*Nordost CinemaFlex Bass-Line
*Audio Metallurgy Ag-0
*Audio Quest Sub-3

Which one will be the best (and likely the most similar to the Synergistic sub cables? If the Synergistic will likely outperform the other sub cables, please let me know.

I currently use Audio Metallurgy from my line stage to my power amp, and I find them just as good as any other cables in my system, most being Synergistic Research.

If Audio Metallurgy makes a subwoofer cable, I wouldn't hesitate to use one.

Audio Metallurgy does not make a dedicated sub cable, but another member here has used the AG-0 as a sub cable with good results. Do you think the cable should be a sub specific cable?
...thanks for the info Dan.
I know the Taralabs and the Nordost as well, they are good cables. But the Audioquest is better for sure. it goes deeper and in the mid low freq. it has more resolution cause of the silver. I love this cable a lot and I use it myself. I sold many of these the last time. Clients love them a lot as well.
I tried Audioquest and found it not as good as any on the Synergistic models. Even the lowest cost Synergistic model has silver in it. They all do. Thats if your are looking for silver in your cable.
Never having a subwoofer-specific cable, I can't adivse on that. All I know is I like the way my system sounds with the AG-O ic's feeding my power amp. I have used Synergistic Research Kalidescope for that purpose as well, and experienced no difference in performance that I could discern.

Subwoofer mavens may be able to better advise you about dedicated sub cables.